Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: Backwards

It was Monday.  Back to work and back to hanging out with Grandma and Papa!  We got home with enough time to play a little football with daddy before the boys had to get their pajamas on.  The boys love to say hike, run to the front door, turn around and get hit with catch the football.
Evan catching the ball under Brewster's watchful eye.
Drew and Evan - flyers up!

Now its pajama time!
Isaac came flying in at 100mph saying scooby-dooby-doo!
We could hear Evan crying upstairs and when we asked him what was wrong he finally came downstairs saying he couldn't get his feet into his pajamas and this is what we saw.
Backwards jams!
Evan in his backwards jams.
Isaac was nice enough to zip him up!
After we told him what the problem was he thought he was pretty funny.


PerryBlog said...

Too funny. Last night Maxx wanted his PJ top on backwards and his bottoms on inside out. He slept that way all night!

Jenny said...