Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 19: Doggone Birthday

Today was Brewster's birthday.  Or close to it...we think.  Casey and I think we got Brewster as a puppy in March making his birthday sometime in January.  Before we had "real" kids we would celebrate Brewster's birthday with cake and presents.  Now before you start judging and think we are insane dog people just know that even originally the party was justification for making our favorite cake.  Rainbow chip.  Now we have "real" kids and not a lot of time for frivolous make-believe celebrations.  Poor Brewster.  It has been a long time since his last birthday - I'm guessing 4 years.  Hmmmm....doing the math.
As I was putting somethings away in the cupboards today I saw a cake mix and proclaimed this day as Brewster's birthday.  Not missing a beat, the boys were all in.  Total excitement as if Brewster were a real brother or family member to celebrate.  They were even careful not to spoil the surprise!
 While the cake was baking the boys made invitations.  One for Brewster, Monchi, and the boys (yes, an invitation for themselves).
Evan made Brewster's invitation.  He did all of his own letters.  Evan thought that Brewster would like dinosaurs and balloons.  He even drew a picture of Brewster complete with big ears, tail and fluffy hair!

Drew made Monchi's invitation.  He really thought that she would like pink and green balloons with snowflakes.  Drew did almost all of his letters by himself.
The boys' invitation was made by Isaac.  He has been working really hard on his letter 'S'.  He only needed help making Drew's 'W'.  There is a lot more on this picture that you can't see because he insisted on using a yellow crayon!

 While the cake cooled down we ran into town for the sole purpose of purchasing some delicious rainbow chip frosting and just happened to come across a few dog toys as presents.  The entire drive home we were asked over and over if it was almost time for Brewster's party. 

Finally, after dinner we could celebrate.  The boys delivered their invitations and were bubbling over with excitement.  I'll admit their enthusiasm was fun so I indulged a little and added candles to the cake (something Casey and I never did as it slowed down the process of actually eating the cake). 
Then Casey surprised me.  The man who was unsure he would even want an inside dog or one that could have table scraps when we were first dating, let Brewster sit at the table!  I almost forgot to take a picture I was so shocked.  The boys, unfazed!  Monchi even came in and sat in the other chair.  The picture is so funny to me.
Let's hope Brewster doesn't think this is ever happening again!
After cake we did presents.  Each boy got to give Brewster a gift and watch him open it.  Drew got Brewster a plush hot dog.  He loved it.
Evan got him a blue, plush hamburger (or hamaburger as the boys say).  He loved it.

Isaac got Brewster a bone.  The love the boys have for Brewster isn't necessarily reciprocated.  Once Brewster realized it was a bone he immediately needed to escape and find some space as he isn't totally sure the boys won't eat his stuff.
That is one paranoid looking dog!


PerryBlog said...

Jenny! I am so proud of you. Way to keep up with the 365, with not only one photo, but multiple, AND lengthy descriptions, too! What a fun party. Brewster is looking very fluffy! :)

Jenny said...

Thanks Kim! It only took you 2 years to talk me into this:) Your comments help keep me motivated!
Poor Brewster has indeed put on some baby weight:)