Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode To The Daddy

Nobody ever anticipates having triplets. Especially not Casey! After agreeing to have 1 child (because he hates the idea of potty training, teaching to read, write, and do math over and over) we found out we were expecting triplets - not the romantic TV moment you may have envisioned - and we were off to planning, thinking, worrying...and worrying some more. I did get a little worried when Casey grew a mustache so I hid his passport:)

Well 8 months into parenthood and Casey is the super dad we all knew he would be. He is such a good dad and the boys just adore him. I'm jealous to admit that I don't get quite the same reaction Casey does when he walks into the room with the boys. They all squeal with delight! Casey doesn't think that he has any patience but shows great patience when playing with the boys and trying to teach them something new. He comes up with the most creative ways to capture their attention and help their little minds with discovery and exploration. Casey is a natural teacher and it shows everyday. Although he is committed to providing learning/educational experiences to the boys he is also wild and crazy Casey. He can make the strangest noises and the silliest faces that the boys love and enjoys rolling around on the floor with them (our boys are very active) helping them burn some energy.

The boys sure are lucky to have such a caring, loving, and fun daddy! Happy 1st Father's Day Casey!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gated Community

The boys are really moving now! We had to contain them and fast. Casey "McGeyvor" Egger so handily installed a baby gate. The gate has been wonderful and lets me get a few things done without running back and forth trying to wrangle escapees. The downside of the gate is that it takes me a few extra seconds to get through the gate to get to the crying guy who just bonked his head...or was crawled over by his brother. The other downside of the gate is that the boys like to play right at it, looking at you like dogs in a kennel. This is where I have also witnessed a flash into my near future. I saw Drew push Evan down and then Evan get up and bite Drew. Can't wait until they get their upper teeth!! I also saw Drew crawl right over little Isaac as if he were one of the pillows. I'm thinking Drew might be the instigator!

The Start Of Something Wonderful!

Friday, June 12, 2009


The boys have teeth! They all have their two bottom teeth poking through that look like little bunny teeth. They have handled the teething process like little champs with only a couple grumpy days. I know the teeth are there because they like to bite now (ouch) and because you can see them when they laugh.

Trying to get a picture of them though is like trying to photograph Sasquatch! Here are my attempts. I will keep trying though. Oh, close up pictures are also hard now because the boys like to grab the camera!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Egger's Go Green

Social conscience? Um...maybe.

Frugality? Yes.

We have recently started recycling at home. I know, I know - just starting. What was wrong with us? Well, we used to take our garbage to the dump because waste pick up on the island is pretty expensive but decided it would be worth it not to have mounds and mounds of diapers piling up in the garage. Casey is the recycling task master and is quick to let me know when I've thrown something away that could be recycled but he is doing a great job though! We always have a full recycling bin and he has widdled our waste down to 75% diapers and 25% actual garbage. No small feat considering he wasn't willing to spring for the larger can! Did I mention we have a lot of dirty diapers? Casey has to position the diaper genie logs strategically in the garbage can like tetris pieces. He is very good at it!

In other efforts to "go green" the boys will not be playing in a fuel "inefficient" wagon. No, not here. They are playing in an eco-friendly light rail!

I hope they don't catch on to the fact that their parents are cheap anytime soon:)

Oh No!!

We have crawlers! They look like little worms crawling all over each other and not minding one bit. Not only are they all crawling but Drew is pulling himself up to a standing position on anything he can get his hands on. This has made playtime a little dangerous. Drew is constantly trying to escape baby playland only to find the cold hard tile in the entry way not so soft. The poor guy has scratches, bumps, and bruises all over his head. I hear a lot of thumps followed by crying that keep me running to see what is wrong.

The boys have also started noticing each other more and interacting more. Before they would just stare but now they move to look at one another and make each other laugh. I will find them all in a circle just cracking up at each other and it makes me laugh too. They are funny little guys who are changing every day!

Isaac, Evan, Drew

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sippy Cups

We gave the boys sippy cups to play with a few weeks ago and recently added water now that they have figured which end is up. After breakfast they all practice with their cups and look so cute trying to coordinate their little hands to get those things up to their faces.

Unfortunately our boys are lazy eaters and are perfectly happy to have mom and dad hold their bottles and cups so not much actual drinking has occurred. With a little help all of the boys were able to get some water out today though. It probably didn't hurt that it was in the 80's today making it about 400 degrees in the house. Poor sweaty babies needed a cool drink!
Play time. You might notice that Drew gave up and decided to chew on the highchair.

This is Isaac and I have no idea what he is thinking but I love it!

Drew in the early phase of sippy cup introduction!

Sweet little Evan just before he starts acting like a wild animal.