Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15: Sleepover

In an effort to allow each of the boys some one-on-one time my AMAZING parents have offered to do another round of sleepovers at their house.  By default, because he is the least sick, Drew got to have his turn first.  After many tears in our oatmeal this morning (because we can't all be first) everyone was on board and REALLY excited to stay the night with Grandma and Papa!

I had Drew pack his bag for his overnight adventure which turned into "I want my backpack too!" and more crying so I just gave in and let everyone pack a bag.  The contents of the bags are pretty humorous.  Apparently all you need for sleepovers are PJ's, superheros, and undies.

Here are all of the boys racing into preschool with their backpacks!

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