Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21: Cabin Fever

It was a long weekend. 
It has been very cold so we have been trying to stay entertained inside.  Today Isaac asked if we could go get a newspaper or coffee.  How bored is he?  He is so bored at home he even asked if I could just drop him off at Grandma's!  That guy!
Did you say coffee?  Yes, let's get a coffee and while we are out we'll try to make a little adventure out of it.

The boys had been playing superheroes this morning and wanted to keep their masks on.  OK.  Let's go scare the coffee lady!  I rolled down the back window and of course everyone was laughing.  The coffee lady asked if they had super powers and Evan took off his mask and said, "no, we are just little boys."

These two and Thor (just out of frame) should frighten anyone!

Next we grabbed a little lunch and stopped by a "secret" park.  It is a secret park because it has been so long since we've been there that the boys had forgotten about it. 

You don't see these old slides anymore. 

Last agonizing stop, Costco.  Grocery shopping with the boys is rough by myself.  We always start out so good but eventually someone is licking someone else and total goofiness is soon to follow.  Needless to say, we get a lot of looks while we are out. Today, I thought we should really give the looky-loos at Costco a treat and I would proudly own the fact that, "YES, I DO HAVE MY HANDS FULL."

The Hulk was not available for pictures.

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