Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teddy Bear

Drew Bear. Our little big bear. Drew is sweet and cuddly just like a teddy bear but can yell like a grizzly bear! He is our sensitive guy who would be just fine left alone with a pile of books. His favorite thing to do is back up into someones lap with a book though. We have noticed that Drew has an ability to memorize pictures, remember them, and point to them when asked. I'm not talking about just dogs and cats - things like newt, jackhammer, kite, igloo, and outer space...weird stuff! He impresses us everyday with his memory.
Of all of the guys Drew is probably still the most attached to his binky. They only get them for naps and at bedtime and because Drew is so loud, at the doctors office and in stores! I think we have our work cut out for us when it comes time to get rid of the infamous green binkies once and for all!
Although Drew tends to let his brothers be a little more aggressive when it comes to stealing toys and books he really likes to wrestle and grab them. Drew is also the guy who hangs on my legs the most and thinks that it is funny to be my shadow (making diaper changing a little difficult). He also likes to hang back when it's time to clean up and let his brothers do all of the work, which Isaac is happy to do!
Drew is really enjoying his new independence at dinner time using utensils and a plate. He digs right in and there isn't much he won't eat, but when he's not in the mood for something his mouth clamps up tighter than a vice and he won't stop shaking his head no. He loves juice and almost always finishes his cup...can't say the same for his milk though.
Drew loves to laugh and is pretty easily amused which is why it is so strange that I can hardly ever catch his cute smile with the camera! His first impression to others is that he's a serious, studious guy but then he warms up and is just as wild as the others. Drew is also the most interested in little girls...ugh!

Drew pondering life among the tulips with his faithful binky.

Drew "flying" at the park.

Drew loves to point things out so he really enjoyed showing the kites (not in the picture obviously) to his daddy.
Drew reading. He loves this book. He will say du, du, du really loud while pointing to the duck!

Drew can also be a silly monkey!

Drew Bear.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Evan is a happy go lucky kind of guy! He is very playful and easy to get along with. When introduced to other babies he is the most interested in them and is very curious about them. Evan can also be sensitive and have his days where he won't let Papa put him down but for the most part Evan is a good balance between Isaac and Drew.
Evan can be wild and run crazy at play time (and fight with the best of them) but he also likes to sit and read books and arrange toys. Evan was the first one to really enjoy playing with his Little People toys. He likes to arrange them all in the barn, on the window sill, or some other location not to be interrupted by his brothers. Evan is also the only one to be partial to any toy. He loves one of the Little People, a duck dressed up like a doctor - the ducktor we call it. He can pick that one figure out instantly and grabs it every time. Although Evan is particular about arranging the figures of his ducktor he doesn't get upset if someone else is playing with them. He does like to knock all of his figures down before his brothers get to them though!
Evan is also a very lovey guy. He likes to give hugs and kisses and will pat your back when you hold him. He really loves to play tag or chase and laughs hysterically while playing. And it always ends with a big hug!
As easy going as Evan is, he is my most stubborn eater! There were times we had to put things in his mouth just so he would try it and realize he likes it before he would eat it. He has recently started refusing to eat unless he can use a fork! He won't let me put anything in his mouth and will only let me spoon feed him yogurt and cream of wheat (because I'm not ready for that mess yet)! I must say that he is pretty good with a fork though!!!
Thanks to all of Evan's reading he has gotten really good at his animal sounds. One of my favorite things is to ask all of the boys what sounds all of the animals make. They are pretty funny! Evan's knack for arranging has also made him naturally talented at sorting his shapes and doing puzzles. Evan is certainly a ray of sunshine in our house!!!

Evan being silly with his Little People farm animals.
Evan's first styled hairdo. Styled with maple syrup! He has recently started rubbing his plate on his head while I am getting him more of something.

Evan being silly again. Are you seeing a theme here?

My little monkey!
Curious Evan showing me wood chips at the playground.
Evan Almighty!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All About Isaac

I have been asked more than a few times how I tell the boys apart to which my initial reaction is "are you crazy, just look at them", but then realizing how three small boys all dressed the same must look to others who don't see them everyday, I suddenly understand. It has got me thinking laughing...about how Evan, Isaac, and Drew are so similar yet so different. So the next three posts will be about each individual little guy starting with Isaac.

Ike, Ikie, Ike-n-stuff, Mob Boss, Isaac, whatever you like to call him, this kid is busy! I like to call him Isaac the Mover. He is constantly moving things around the playroom; pushing toys, throwing things out, stacking them up, you name it he is moving it...or trying to climb it! Isaac gets very focused on his project du jour and gets VERY angry if something or someone gets in his way, thus our biting problem. He has gotten a lot better about biting because now when he can't take the book or toy away from someone else or push the slide over he will stomp his little feet and fake cry. That is right-a tantrum. I will take this 5 second tantrum any day over the biting though!!!
Isaac does like to take breaks from his intense focus on projects to run and jump in your arms and give you a big hug. He is very friendly and lovable and will almost always give kisses and hugs when asked (and mommy asks a lot). He is also the "father hen" of the group and likes to give binkies and toys to his brothers (as long as he is done with it) when they are upset and also likes to give bites of his snacks away!
Mr. Ike is definitely our parrot! I will really need to start watching what I say around him soon and will need to find something besides dummy to call the dog! He will try his hardest to repeat anything you ask him to and is getting really good at talking.
If you know Isaac then you know he loves to eat! He has always been my best eater but only recently has been given all of his food at once because of his tendency to shove it ALL in his mouth at once. He still eats too much at once but is getting better at it because his fork is slowing him down a bit:)

Here are some pictures of Isaac doing what he does...
Ikie loves to push the wagon. Sometimes when we are at the park he wonders off to push the wagon around!
Don't let his "uh oh" face fool you. He isn't scared of anything!
Why would I go around and use the steps, mom? I can just climb up the side of the playground equipment!
We brought a ball with us to the park on this day and I sort of regretted it because Isaac was obsessed with taking it up to the top of the slide and rolling it down over and over and over. The poor guy was working so hard, he was huffing and puffing but apparently having fun.
I even tried throwing the ball out in the field to try to get him to do something else but all he did was go get the ball (after crying) and head right back to the slide!
Little Isaac.

Monday, April 26, 2010


The boys recently discovered how to take my socks off. They think that it is really funny to take off my socks and try to put them on, which consists of setting them on their feet. I thought I would help them out and put my socks on them which just looked weird because they were pink with stripes so I got them each a pair of daddy's socks and they loved it! I pretty sure this was all just for my entertainment though!!

Evan, Isaac, and Drew.

Isaac and Drew.

Sir Evan.
Look mom! This is typical "wild Ike".

Isaac the elephant.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


We made it to the tulip fields this year!!! We managed to find a nice day in the middle of the week to avoid the crowds which was amazing considering our attempt 2 days prior was more like storm chasing! I could not get out from under those dang rain clouds but could clearly see sunny skies all around us! Although the boys were not awed by the rows and rows of tulips they are always up for an adventure and some good ol' people watching...or more like getting watched by people! We were able to take a few good pictures even with people pointing and not-so-subtly saying "look, triplets". We made a full loop around the field at Tulip Town and braved the mud. Good thing I wore boots! Tulip Town had some really great large kites flying that they boys loved and a big empty field to run in that they loved even more. After the tulips we went to a park where all three boys touched a dirty sock on the ground but had a great time getting some energy out. And to end the day we had dinner at the Olive Garden. Surprisingly, this has turned out to be a good restaurant for the boys because of the bread sticks. Casey and I can actually eat because of them. It was also a great opportunity for Evan to try out his new trick - shaking hands. So my little guy shook hands with Keith, the evening manager.

The Egger Family
A bored Isaac and mommy.
Isaac found a flower for mommy. I hope it was already on the ground!

Drew touching the flowers.

Isaac smelling! Ahhhh.

Evan is my daisy picker. He always stops to inspect the grass and pick something!

Casey and the boys watching a tractor go by. So exciting!

Casey with a bouquet of babies!


Casey, Drew, and Evan.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egger Hunt

For Easter this year we headed over to Grandma and Papa's where we also got to hang out with Uncle Johnny, Auntie Ioanna, and cousin JW. Auntie had a great idea to have an Easter egg hunt for the boys which I didn't think Evan, Isaac, and Drew would do so good at but could at least enjoy a good run outside with their big cousin JW. Little did we know that our boys were bred for egg hunting! They followed JW's lead and were soon racing around putting eggs in their baskets. It was so much fun to watch them all. They were all so good it only took a few minutes for them to find all of the eggs so we just kept taking them out of their baskets and re-hiding them over and over. I tried to take some pictures but when the all of the boys get together they get pretty excited so all I end up getting are pictures of the back of everyone's heads! We had such a good time. Thanks for the great idea Auntie!!!

Drew, Isaac, JW, and Evan eagerly waiting for their Easter baskets from Grandma and Papa.

Oh my gosh! Trucks and ducks! Our favorite things!!!!

Gotchya! Finally I got a picture of JW's cute little face. This kid is fast!!!
JW getting some help from Papa.


We have no idea how our mad scientist Isaac ended up with a basket full of just orange eggs but we have decided he must be brilliant.

Evan was very concerned when the eggs would open and ask you to fix them. So cute!

Ikie running with eggs.

Drew must have already spotted his next egg!