Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11: Story Time

Tonight before bed Casey told the boys a story about them.  They loved it of course.  When he was done he asked if any of them had a story they wanted to tell.  Isaac did.  He told us that we've never heard it before.

So here it is.  An original tale by Isaac Austin...

Once upon a time.  There were 3 little babies that went into the woods where they found zebras and tigers.  The zebras and tigers asked Drew if he would like to ride them.  So he did.  He "rided" them high up in the sky where Drew could see all of space.  Then Drew fell into an alien city.  Then Evan and Isaac yelled, "DREW" but he wasn't there because he was in the alien city.  Then he rode the zebras and tigers back down.  The End.

Drew and Isaac engrossed in story time.  Poor Evan was not feeling well and had his head under his blankets the entire time.

I should explain that the haphazard Toy Story wall decals are prizes they win from "the big sticker count" (a sticker reward board).  The one with the most stickers gets to choose his wall decal first and put it wherever he wants.  I think they do a pretty good job:)

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