Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching Up

Where has the time gone?! Why do I still think that it is December? So her are some WAY overdue pictures.
We took the boys to see Santa at the mall this year and they were so excited. They went running into the mall only to come to a screeching halt when they actually saw Santa. They were all fine giving him a high five but sitting on his lap was a little more than they were prepared for. Eventually we got some pictures of everyone individually and as a group actually looking in the direction of the camera! Although they were a little leery of Santa in person they were still super excited about him after we left.
Isaac, Drew, and Evan.

Evan politely trying to slide off of Santa's knee.

Evan still trying to wiggle free.

Isaac, although refusing to smile, was doing just fine until...

...the photographer tickled him with a feather duster. He hated it but tried so hard to be a big boy and not cry.

Drew (post stitches) did really good with Santa. It was hard to get a smile...

...but we eventually got the scared-deer-in-headlights smile!