Monday, July 26, 2010

Beating the Heat

It has been so hot lately, over 70 degrees, which makes our house feel like 400 degrees so we have had to move outside in the late afternoon to beat the heat! My $5 investment at the drug store for a small baby pool has been worth every last cent. The boys LOVE playing in the pool and recently discovered they also like the sprinkler (after a warm up introduction at Grandma and Papa's house). Add a couple of balls and some toys and you end up with a fight to get them inside!

When we play outside our house looks like a daycare. Casey is so good about picking up after us. We wouldn't want neighborhood kids thinking our yard is a park:)

Isaac getting hit by the sprinkler - and it was COLD!

Drew trying to decide if he likes the sprinkler.

Drew has a hard time keeping his shorts up.

Isaac is starting to like the sprinkler.


Evan running from the sprinkler.

Evan loving the sprinkler!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Stew

Look how much has changed in 1 year! I continue to be amazed by how fast time seems to be passing me by!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Beach Bums

Finally! We made it to the beach! All of the stars aligned-we had a sunny day AND low tide just after nap time. We couldn't resist and headed to the beach.
Our first dilemma was whether or not to go to a more populated but easily accessible beach or hike down to a more remote beach with fewer (if any) people. We chose the remote beach so we could let our dog run wild while we chased after the boys. We had a great time but my legs are still sore from the hike. To get to the beach we hiked down a HUGE hill and then about a 1/2 mile down the beach once we got there to get to the sandy area. This wasn't so bad, but going up hill with a pack and carrying a toddler was more than this soft body had bargained for! Poor Casey had to carry 2 toddlers up the hill! Evan and Isaac were nice enough to give him "power hugs" to help get him up the hill though!
Our decision was a good one because we were the only people at the beach so Brewster was able to run free. He probably had the best time out of everybody. Our poor, out of shape little dog was trying to fall asleep in the car ride home - which is only 2 minutes!
Before we get started with fun pictures let's talk about what went right and what went wrong and lessons learned at our first outing to the beach.
1. Once we made it down the hill/trail and to the beach I noticed that one of the boys had stepped in dog poop...and it just happened to be the boy that I carried so I had dog poop smeared all over my shorts. Bad. Good- I packed wipes!
2. I quickly realized that I should apply sunscreen before we leave and not try to do it while they are in the water. Lesson learned.
3. Sand does not come out of cracks and crevices even if you use wipes. Bad. Just stick them in the tub at home. Good. Really dirty tub. Bad.
4. Pack an extra pair of clothes (done) including a sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt. Lesson learned.
5. Packing cookies. Good. Packing a cup of ice (good) but no bottle of water to put in it. Bad.
Ok, let's continue.
Once we got to the sand the boys ran and went nuts! Evan immediately took a header right into a huge puddle and didn't mind at all, except for the fact that his shirt was wet and stuck to him.

Here is Evan running for new waters.

Drew loved splashing!
Even when his face would get all wet!
Isaac loved just standing in the water. He didn't like any waves at first but after we showed him he could kick the waves he LOVED it. Now if you ask him about the beach he says, "kick, kick".
Here are the water babies. We quickly learned that we should have started out shirtless.

Isaac and Evan helping Daddy build a sandcastle. Just after Casey got done rinsing Drew off he came running to me and fell right in the mote of the castle!

Isaac and Evan.
Drew spent 98% of his time in the water throwing sand. He stood in this spot forever! He was having a great time and really enjoyed cracking himself up.

Isaac checking out his toes under water - weird!
Look at those white little bodies! Notice mommy and her white legs were not captured on film!

Smartest thing I packed was a bunch of animal crackers! It was helpful in luring the boys out of the water and helped get them to sit still. I love this picture of them, but it makes it painfully obvious that I need to invest in some beach towels!

Family sandals.
What a great day!!!