Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hang Time

We have recently taken the boys to an elementary school playground that is on the island and have really enjoyed doing something fun that is close to home. The boys have REALLY enjoyed it. There is never anyone else at the playground so the boys are free to roam around and do as they please. On this trip we reaffirmed Drew's freakish strength by letting him hang from some playground equipment. We first discovered his ability to hang like a monkey at one of Isaac's developmental follow-up appointments using the physical therapy equipment when he was about 1 year old. He loves hanging and could probably stay like that all day. He never once let go - we would have to take him down! Once Drew impressed Mom and Dad, Evan and Isaac were quick to jump in.

Drew hanging and very pleased with himself.

Here is Drew hanging by himself on the low bar.

Isaac is an impressive climber...I mean it's scary at how coordinated he is getting up strange things. With all of his climbing, hanging didn't really interest him until his brothers were doing it - go figure!
Here is Evan looking unsure of himself with Isaac running in for a turn.

I think that it is funny how even in wide open spaces they just HAVE to test the gates!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Full of Firsts

Today was full of firsts for the boys and me, and boy was it exhausting! So exhausting they were actually quiet by the time we got home tonight. Notice I didn't say asleep - that would take another 2 hours of activities!
We started the day by going to our first story time at the local library where Grandma and Papa met us. Let me just start by saying that our boys LOVE books, they like reading in a lap or by themselves and they especially love story time with dad at our house before naps and bedtime.
So...we enter the library where Drew is immediately drawn to all of the books on the shelves. I was able to deter him from removing every book in the library at a height of 2 feet or lower by sitting all of them at an activity table with paper and crayons while we waited for the story time room to open up. Drew is about to jump out of his pampers at this point. A million books at an arms reach away AND a tub of crayons that he can pick out all by himself (very exciting for a crayon eater who is only given 2 crayons at a time)!
I would like to stop here and thank my parents for agreeing to come to story time. It would have been a DISASTER without them. Thank you!
We enter the story room where they are instructed to pick out a stuffed animal to hold during the stories. What? New animals! Again, so exciting for my little guys who normally contained and somewhat sheltered. The story starts and Drew is having none of it because there are a million books on the other side of the door calling his name. Drew and Papa leave. Evan sits quietly in Grandma's lap holding his purple lion. Isaac sits with me and squirms and says "no, no, no, no, no..." Drew and Papa return for about 30 seconds. Drew, Papa, Grandma, and Isaac leave. They all leave Evan and I just as an activity is starting where you take a colored felt crayon up to the front of the room when your color is called...each child only gets one...and here Evan and I are with his and his brothers'. All three of Evan's colors where called in a row and he loved going up there and soon thought it was the Evan show. As other shy children went to the front of the room with the help of their parents Evan took it upon himself to go back up and rearrange the felt crayons and even take some down. Thankfully story time ended after one more song with some musical instruments and shakers which I'm pretty sure one of my boys opened up a shaker (plastic egg with sunflower seeds inside) which an adorable little boy decided to snack on. Grandma, Papa, and mommy all sweating head to the car.
Next up, McDonald's. The boys had their first Happy Meals and didn't eat them in the car! After eating lunch I thought I would take each of the boys up into the playland slide maze since it wasn't busy. I forgot how on a warm day it turns the playland into a 200 degree hotbed for germs and stinkiness. Isaac and I went first and he loved climbing up the tubes. We came across a little girl and her brother who after some minor taunting consisting of "ha ha, we got here first", helped guide my sorry lost behind to the big pink slide! Next up, I decide I would take Evan and Drew together to try to speed things along. Not a great decision seeing as how they don't know their right from their left. Thank goodness they know their colors though! We finally made it down the big pink slide and I won't be entering that pee smelling prison again for a long while.
After lunch we went to a couple of stores looking for their first life jackets, where they rode their first mechanical ride thingy. A fire engine with Bert and Ernie could not be passed up.
After taking a nap at Grandma and Papa's the boys went for their first ride in the boat. Up until now they had only played in Papa's boat in the driveway. The boys were so excited to get in the boat and once we got going...Drew grabbed onto me for dear life, Isaac sat on Grandma's lap stiff as a board and Evan grabbed the wheel and drove the boat. Eventually Isaac relaxed and started breathing, at which point he decided he also wanted to drive the boat. Evan was a little upset, interpreting this move as mutiny. After a small squabble at sea they were both sitting on Papa's lap driving the boat. Drew meanwhile has a death grip on me and won't say a word....except when asked if he wants to go fast he says, "Yeah". We exit the boat and Drew talks about it like he had a blast. Yeah, boat. Papa boat. You would never guess he never even saw the water because his face was buried in my shirt.
After the boat ride I decided to jump in the lake for the first time since I was pregnant, which was not the relaxing floating experience I was told it would be. I sank like a rock and had to doggy paddle with some serious drag thanks to my giant belly. I wanted to let the boys see me jump in the water so they would see me swimming and think that it looked like fun. When I ran and jumped off of the dock my mom told me that Isaac said "uh oh". Maybe he thought I fell in, which would not be a surprise seeing as how I'm not exactly a graceful ballerina.
All of these firsts and I didn't get a single picture - which ironically is also a first! I decided to share a second though. Yesterday I gave the boys their second haircut.