Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14: Cat Burgler

Monchi kitty.
The boys adore her and to be perfectly honest, so do Casey and I.  She is just the best kitty ever! Loving without being obnoxious, independent without being a stinker, and most importantly she is not destructive.  Not to mention she has never scratched the boys - probably because they are surprisingly sweet and gentle with her (even though Drew does try to pick her up and kiss her a lot.)
After the holidays Brewster had the pleasure of receiving lots of meat scraps and bones.  One night as I was getting a special treat for Brewster, Monchi jumped up on the counter (which she rarely does) and began devouring the meat I was cutting.  All of it was so out of character that I just stepped back and watched her in awe.  Next night, same thing.  Now I have a problem.  Every night I have to shoo her off the counters now!  Good thing she is so cute!

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