Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jail Break

I am finally out among the real world today. I was discharged from the hospital last night and my departure was quite anti-climactic. I guess I was expecting a parade of sorts to celebrate my extended stay at Hotel Providence. So now begins the days of traveling back and forth to the hospital to hang out with the boys. Poor Casey has a very busy work schedule right now and fighting off some germ bugs. He stops by to admire his boy band every chance he gets. Every day I go to see the boys the nurse has some new task for me to practice. So far I have completed temperature checking, diaper changing, and putting on clothes (with a little help due to all of the wires). Casey was actually the first one to attempt these tasks and did a great job. By the way, the diaper changing is not bad as far as stinkiness, but what in the heck is that sticky goo the nurses call poo? The boys sure think it is funny to watch me try to wipe that stuff off:)
Here are some pictures of the boys. They continue to grow and develop by leaps and bounds everyday. Evan was taken off of the C-Pap on Sunday and Isaac was taken off of his little nose ventilator on Tuesday. Drew continues to be our big eater. He just needs to remember to breathe at the same time:)




Saturday, October 18, 2008

Special Delivery!

Let's see here; I'm quietly posting a blog for Jenny as she is completely wiped out from an insane amount of narcotics. The kind you get when you give birth to 3 baby boys!

Today, 10/18/08, Evan Arthur, Isaac Austin & Drew Aiden got to take their first breath of fresh air after spending 34 weeks and 3 days in mommas belly. Evan came first at 9:18 am, then Issac officially at the tail end of 9:18 am, and Drew at 9:20 am. All three boys came out trumpeting and in sync sounding like quaking ducks. They had the entire room of doctors and nurses cracking up. Admittedly their quaking/crying was funny, but also the best sounds a new father or mother could hear. Truly amazing.

We were given assurances prior to birth that each baby would be spotted, marked and named immediately. So, in spite of the massive rush of baby, with our crack team of nurses and doctors we are certain they each carry their given names. My "quezzzy over eazy" training paid off as well and I was able to verify each son was properly identified. I even had it in me to cut their umbilical cords. Who would have thought the guy who tossed his cookies during "sex-ed" could have tolerated so much.

The little champs are resting now in NIC as anticipated. With so many potential risks in triplet birth, we are fortunate that so far Evan and Isaac (identical twins) are only dealing with small breathing issues. It's tough work for those little guys to do it all on their own now, so a little assistance is needed. Drew on the other hand was kicking the doctor on the way out and shortly thereafter doing pushups. He will no doubt be the protector. Currently they each have their own room and their own nurse, but cant wait to be back together again.

They are all very handsome and have heads of hair that some of my premature balding friends would pine for. It's brown now - just like their moms. Speaking of mommy, Jenny is doing really well, but very nautious and extremely tired. Did I mention she was tired? She was able to muster enough strength to go down to the second floor and visit the boys while carrying a plastic tub for immediate liquid evacauation. The liquid was on lockdown, but when we got back to the room she let the dogs out. It was amazing to see how quickly bright green gatorade turned into orange soda. I wonder if it was the absorption of electrolytes! I know yuck; well get used to it I'm a guy and the proud daddy of three boys! Doody time rules!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

34 Weeks!!

We made it to 34 weeks!! This was our biggest goal and we did it. I don't have a specific surgery date yet but my doctor is scheduling one in 2 weeks. Nobody thinks I will make it to 36 weeks but you never know:)

Enjoy the awful picture of me at 34 weeks. Yes, that is was 12lbs of babies and 35lbs of belly looks like.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby face

Today during my BPP ultrasound Casey and I were able to see a pretty good picture of Baby C's face. He had chubby checks and pouty lips. Casey said he has seen that face before - on me! He would know because I have probably made it a lot lately. Have I mentioned recently that I am gigantic, uncomfortable, and ready for the boys any day now?

In The Dark

So for about the last 45 minutes I have been sitting in the dark because the power went out at the hospital. Apparently a transformer blew somehow. Good thing the computer was plugged into the "emergency" outlet so I had something to do. My air mattress/bed thingy went flat (it runs on a continuous electric pump) so I have been able to remember how uncomfortable my first few days here were without it. Although I've checked several times, the tv does not run on the generator:(

Visit from the doctor...

Dr. Brewster made a visit to the hospital to check on me last Saturday. We went on a wheelchair ride outside so Brewster could run around and then Casey wheeled me (with Brew on my lap) down the street to a convenience store where he parked me on the sidewalk and purchased me an orange soda. Although I looked like an escapee from the hospital with my mismatched sweats, t-shirt, messy hair, big jacket, slippers, and a dog it was totally worth it. After our outing outside we came back to my room where we met up with mom and dad and had a pizza party. Orange soda and pizza in one night!! Needless to say, my ankles were quite puffy from the pizza, but again, it was totally worth it. I got lots of kisses from Dr. Brew and am re-energized to make it one more week with minimal complaining:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Growing, growing, growing

We recently had another growth scan on Monday and learned that the boys are still growing really well.
Baby A - 3lbs 12oz
Baby B - 4lbs 2oz
Baby C - 4lbs 4oz
Add it up folks. That is over 12lbs of babies!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

33 Weeks!

We made it to 33 weeks!! Another weekly milestone and another week of no action. I think my body might be getting ready as my fingers and toes are becoming little sausages. I'm also guessing that my belly is at maximum capacity due to the fact that drinking water is now causing indigestion:)

Casey and I had a fun weekend of celebrations. First we celebrated my 30th birthday (ba -humbug) by watching the Seahawks get their butts kicked and eating Subway sandwiches - yum! We also had visits from my mom and dad who brought some cheesecake! And a visit from the other Eggers (Casey's brother's family and his sister) who brought birthday cake! I ate very well on Sunday!! We also celebrated out 7th wedding anniversary on Monday. Casey smuggled in some of Everett's finest Italian cuisine (Olive Garden) and we watched a movie. It was relaxing and a really nice couple of days. Thanks everyone!!

We can finally upload pictures now!! Enjoy.

Mom and dad visiting me at Hotel Providence.

Mom and Casey.

Jen serving some delicious birthday cake - yummy!

Party girls, Grace and Ella.

This is my impression of an old man who still wears size 32 jeans even with a huge beer belly.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Contractions Cha Cha Cha

We made it to 32 weeks!!! This was a big milestone for us. We now feel better that the little guys will face fewer and less serious complications if they born now. Today is my 38th day being in the hospital and I am ready to go home. I am not ready to give birth on the island so I guess it is a good thing that I am still here:)

My contractions have picked up a little in frequency (and intensity probably due to the size of the huge babies) requiring me to get 2 shots of some awful medicine yesterday. The shot relaxes the uterus but makes the rest of my body feel like a crack addict. I hate it! But I can handle it if it keeps the babies in my belly longer. We have been told that each day in my belly is 2 less days the babies will need to spend in the NICU. I guess I can also put up gravy on every meal as well. I will be sure to remind the boys of my sacrifices for them in about 18 years:)

Speaking of the NICU, Casey and I were able to go on a tour of the NICU here. We are feeling a lot better about where everyone will be and what to expect when the big day gets here. We were a little disappointed to learn that there wasn't a triplet room for all three babies but there is a twin room. In any case, the Egger Family will be taking up a lot of real estate in the NICU.

We haven't been able to upload any photos so here is the closest thing to what I look like currently (minus messy hair and glasses - oh and clothes).