Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28: Bedtime

I get asked all the time how we get the boys to bed at night and to be honest, it is an ever changing process.  They share a room so every night is like a slumber party with their best friends - things can get a little silly. 
Now that the quiet game, sleep race, and sleep race quiet game have lost their fun we have moved on to a more zen approach.  We do stretches!  I started doing stretches with them last year when Casey was working a lot of evenings and I was doing bedtime by myself.  I really needed a way for them to calm down but still be able to wiggle their bodies a little bit.  They are totally willing to sit still and listen to instructions because their task is ultimately a challenge for their bodies and they love a physical challenge.  Now we have mixed in a little fun of saying good night to their toes, knees, head, etc.  One of their challenges was being able to cross their legs.  As a little joke for myself I had them cross their legs, make circles with their fingers and say om.  Hilarious yet effective!  They really enjoy it and some yawns are guaranteed to follow!
Mix in some slow jams on the iPod and a few trips to the bathroom and its dreamland for these guys. Isaac, now he is a different story - add a few more trips to the bathroom, random walking around the room before finally falling asleep under or behind his bed.
Evan meditating!

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