Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Never Thought I'd...

Having children has left me feeling, thinking, and doing things I never thought I'd feel, think, or do. Today when I got some baby poop on my hand and I didn't freak out I thought "who am I" and it got me thinking about other things I never thought I'd do. Such as...I never thought I'd...
  • catch vomit with my bare hands
  • shake a nugget out of my baby's diaper upside down in a park
  • continue wearing clothing that I know full well has spit-up or pee on it
  • get peed on...a lot
  • get so bent out of shape about stupid comments strangers make
  • want to fight above mentioned strangers
  • take long drives covering most of north Snohomish County
  • drive from Starbucks to McDonald's (not my best day)
  • get warm and fuzzy after receiving a wet, slimy, open-mouthed kiss from one of the boys (not including Brewster)
  • taste beef baby food
  • get used to the smell of formula
  • get used to the smell of formula spit-up
  • miss wires attached to my babies to make sure they are breathing (I had a lot of weird dreams about this)
  • smell butts to check for stinky diapers
  • be judgemental of people with one baby who can't get anywhere on time...please people
  • sweat so much trying to get 3 babies out of the house
  • tailgate by feeding 3 babies out of the back of our car in a parking lot
  • let my kids watch TV (I know this takes me out of the running for Mother of the Year)

Even after all of this, I never thought I could love three little guys so much!!!