Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 56: Animals

Isaac worked very hard at lining up all of the animals at preschool today and was very proud of his work - insisting that I take a picture!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 55: Puzzles

We love puzzles!  The boys have always enjoyed puzzles and I will often find them all working together to complete every puzzle we own (and that is a lot).  Evan and Isaac are especially good at puzzles, mastering each after just a few tries.  Currently they need 100 piece puzzles to keep them challenged - and they are even getting speedy at these! 

Isaac working hard on one of his 100 piece superhero puzzles.

Day 54: Sweet Spot

Isaac found his shot!  We just needed a step stool to help him find it.  Just like his brothers he has one sweet shot!
He was so excited about how many points he was scoring he didn't even notice that his pants fell down!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 53: Lockout

Why we have some interior doors with key locks and no keys I don't know.  What I do know is that one certain little boy caused quite a bit of trouble this morning.  Ok, I'll admit, this is the second time one of the boys has locked us out of a room.  However, this is the first time that I haven't been able to McGyver the door open so I let Casey take a shot (letting him go second knowing that his method would cause more damage and thus, more costly).  Well, he didn't disappoint.  The door was opened with the boys learning no new 4 letter words!  Yay Daddy now we can get into the boys bedroom!
Just look at this guilty little nugget!

Day 52: Daddy & Drew

Today was a special Daddy and Drew day.  Drew had a doctor's appointment and the rest of day was filled with manly stuff like oil changes, cheese burgers, and Power Ranger squinkies.  Casey surprised me by taking a picture of Drew before they set out for their day of adventure!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 51: Certifiable

Certifiably crazy?  Nope.
I got CPR certified tonight!
Thus, no pictures. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 50: Just Stuff

Kids really do say the darndest things!  A sampling from tonight's dinner conversations...
Evan: "I sure am quite the tooter tonight." (and he was right about that!!!)
Isaac: "Maybe when I am 5 I will have hair on my chest."
And my favorite from tonight....
Me: "What do you guys think we should bring for snack at preschool tomorrow?"
Evan: " Um, let's just see what is on sale."
That's my boy!
Because I feel cruddy tonight, I'm digging into the picture archives for one of my favorite pics of Evan, in honor of his thriftiness!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 49: Jump

Sometimes you just have to let them jump off of the furniture!

Drew, Isaac & Evan

Day 47: Chucky

We finally went to Chuck E. Cheese's.  Yikes.  It was a little more busy than we would have preferred but we made it.  It is so stressful to keep track of all 3 boys in busy places - which is usually why we will wear matching shirts but they had already picked out their own clothes before I thought about it (next time, right?).  The boys had so much fun!  I tried to take a picture but they are almost all blurry.  I was laughing while trying to get a shot because the boys COULD NOT look at me with so much going on around them.
Isaac and Evan are ready to go!
Drew loves skee ball just like mommy!  Next time we will work on keeping our ball in our own lane!
Needless to say, they all passed out on the way home which was perfect because it was way passed their bedtime.  Casey and I did our usual routine, he carries 2 boys up from the car and I carry 1.  When we got to their room we discovered the mess the boys had left.  They put every single stuffed animal in the house into their beds.  Casey and I just stood their laughing with no where to put them down.  We managed to clear out one bed for 2 boys and poor Drew just got put down on a pile of animals while we worked at clearing off his bed.  What a way to end a fun night!
This is like Where's Waldo except with 3 little boys!

Evan and Isaac snuggled up.

Drew on top of some animals. 
Oh, and nobody made a peep!  The slept though the entire thing!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 46: Cousin Fun

Today was a fun-filled day hanging out with cousins!  First stop - Ella's basketball game.  We had so much fun watching her hoop it up with her fierce defense and a sweet lay-up at the end of the game.  Her team did great and won!  Hooray Ella!  The boys actually did really well and made it through the entire game.  Casey and I determined that Isaac is going to be John Stockton-protege point guard.  He really sat and studied the game.  Evan and Drew are all about the points.  We see a lot of assists in Isaac's future!
Next stop - PIZZA!  We all headed to Alfy's where we had a wonderful time eating, talking, and playing in the mini-arcade.  Lucky for me, I found a stash of quarters in the car.  Unlucky for me, games now cost $.50 - $.75!!  What the!!!  Lucky for me, the boys are still young enough to think that they are playing a game when there is no money in it.  Score 1 cheap mom!!!
Last stop - movies!  We love going to the Olympic Theater in Arlington with our cousins.  Saturday matinees are the best (did I mention I was cheap).  Lots of popcorn and nemanems (M&Ms)!  Again, the boys did great sitting through the entire movie.
Tomorrow sure is going to seem boring after our action packed day!
Photo: Cousins after Ella's game.

Day 45: Under the Weather

 Poor Drew was not feeling good today.  He stayed inside with me while Evan and Isaac got to play outside with Daddy because we had SUNSHINE today.  What's a sick, lonely brother to do...play a little iPad. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 43: Little Hoosiers

Casey's hoop dreams are coming true.  The boys are becoming little basketball players and getting better every day.  Now if we could just do something to ensure they all grow to be over 6 feet tall they would have it made! 
The whole family is enjoying our little pop-a-shot, even Casey and I.  Sometimes we shoot for pride, sometimes we shoot to see who has to do dishes.  Drew especially likes to play and is constantly asking, "Daddy, you wanna shoot some hoops?"  Evan doesn't play quite as often but when he does, he has a really nice shot (he got that from his mama).

Drew with some sweet follow through!
Here comes Isaac!
Ok, I won't start calling recruiters yet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 43: Race Tracks

I particularly liked this race track today.  I like how it has a death defying grand finale that ends in the barn.  The Little People barn, which I have almost gotten rid of on numerous occasions.  Just when I think we are done with Little People, the boys find another way to play with them!

On a side note, can I just explain that 3 little boys who will remain nameless think that hiding under the slip cover on the little couch is brilliant when getting the dog to chase them or when playing hide and seek.  Now if they just knew how to tuck it back in!

Day 42: Yogurt

I'm not sure why, but I made my own yogurt.  It is embarrassing to admit for some reason.  Especially considering the ribbing I gave my dear friend who makes her own yogurt.  Just buy it at the store like the rest of us, right?
 Now that I have 3 little ones who could quite possibly consume a mortgage payment of dairy products in a month, I thought it was worth a try - or a challenge if you will.
To be honest, there is something quite satisfying about eating homemade yogurt.  Currently just satisfying in the sense of accomplishment, not so much in the satisfying your taste buds kind of way...my recipe needs a little work.
What next?  If you catch me wearing wool socks with sandals on a daily basis, please, someone intervene!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 41: Bowling

We took the boys bowling for the first time today and they loved it!  When I asked them if they wanted to go do "real" bowling this morning and showed them a picture online, Evan asked me if the bowling alley had bottles too - because we currently bowl in our hallway with a small rubber ball and old plastic bottles!  I think they liked the real thing better!

I was surprised at how well they did rolling 6lb balls down the lane.  At about the 5th frame we started using the ramp to launch the balls as the boys were starting to get a little tired.  They had a blast and I think we will definitely be bowling again!

Getting our shoes on
Isaac watching his ball
"Hey ladies, come here often?"
Isaac the score keeper

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40: Photo Assistant

I try to get some alone time with each of the boys when I can.  This usually means a trip to the grocery store with mom for something I forgot the day before while shopping with all three of them.  These quick runs to the store happen frequently, as I'm sure you can imagine.  Today was a special day because I was taking pictures of my friend's 2 year old daughter and I needed a photo assistant.  By the "who has been the least naughty" raffle system, Drew was the big winner today.  He was quick to get dressed and was sure to pick out his Star Wars t-shirt because that is my favorite.  One-on-one time is fun, rare, and a lot less expensive - so we stopped for some hot chocolate and a cake pop!  I had one happy little boy with me.  Once we arrived at the park for pictures Drew warmed up quickly and started to chat non-stop.  Assisting....not currently his strength.  Here is an example of Drew helping.

I'm not sure what part of stand behind mommy he didn't understand:)

When we got home we had dinner with the family, played, had baths, and watched a movie using our new super special blankets Grandma and Grandpa Egger sent the boys.  They were so excited to use them!  I have them sitting out for them so they can put them back on when they get up in the morning - and fall back asleep.  YA RIGHT!

Bedtime was even more exciting because the boys got to sleep with their new Star Wars friends (also from Grandma and Grandpa Egger)!  Casey and I kept laughing because they looked so funny in their little beds with Yoda, Chewy, and Darkside (Darth Vader)!

Evan and Yoda
Only Isaac could love the darkside!
Drew and Chewy

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 39: Spoyts

Drew must have Spring Fever - he has been talking about baseball all day!  When we got home tonight I asked him to tell me more about baseball and this is what he had to say with the camera rolling...a little less baseball detail.

Day 38: Cereal

I always try to secretly tell one boy when we are having cereal for breakfast so he can choose the kind he wants in peace.  No matter who the lucky one is, they all sit like this to make their choice.

Isaac carefully choosing...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 36: Things I Like

Hmmm, this should be a recurring post.

I like catching the boys playing and lost in their imagination....right before a brother jumps in front of the camera!

I really like irises.  Thanks Auntie Jen, Uncle Eric, Grace, and Ella for the lovely flowers!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 35: Snoozers

After getting home a little late and being a little rambunctious going to bed I thought I was defeated - no picture for today.  But then, like the crazy person I am, I decided that I would not start my week off like this.  So I turned on the light in the boys room and took a couple sleepy pictures of them.  Don't they just look so darn cute and peaceful when they are sleeping?
Drew and Spotty Dog (aka puppy)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 34: Shooter

Finally.  The boys finally got to play with their pop-a-shot today.  Because it is a "big boy" toy, they have a little more growing to do to be able to easily play it.  This didn't slow Drew down.  Long after his brothers got tired and left, he kept on shooting.  He played so long that he got too hot and had to take off his shirt!

I only got one picture in the morning before all of the Super Bowl festivities started.  Here is Drew shootin' hoops!
Maybe tomorrow we will work on form.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 33: Sports Day

A very special day, the eve of Super Bowl Sunday. 
Casey took the boys on a very special shopping trip (solo - no girls allowed) to continue one of his most favorite childhood memories - picking out a t-shirt of the team you are rooting for in the Super Bowl.  Poor boys, they made several stops and found NO team shirts!  The boys all decided that they liked the 49ers because they like guys who find gold better than birds so Casey found them some team balloons along with many snacks and crafts for tomorrows festivities.

While they were out, I put together a present Santa had brought for them but didn't assemble.  It took FOREVER and although the instructions said "with the help of another adult" several times...I did it!  Hope they like it!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 32: Dentist

Ever have one of those days when your kids do something so embarrassing/horrific you actually have no idea what to do?  Today was that day for me.

One of my spirited children pulled the fire alarm at the dentist's office today.  Seriously.  When the alarm went off we were sitting in the waiting room and it didn't even cross my mind that one of the boys could have had anything to do with it!  As staff and patients all looked around confused, hands over their ears, and wondering if we really need to leave the building someone just happened to float the possibility that the alarm could have been pulled.  That is when EVERYONE looked at a tiny red box on the wall near my son's head.  There it was.  A small broken seal and handle that once pushed back up would not make the noise stop. 

I discovered a new stress response today other than fight or flight.  Paralysis.  I couldn't move.  The blood in my body couldn't even move up to my face to show how embarrassed I was.  How did this happen RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?  I was sitting right there watching all three boys.  The alarm was placed in a sweet, temptatious spot by the activity table and ever so slightly covered by some greenery and this child could not resist.

The alarm finally turned off and it was business as usual.  I think I finally started breathing and gave small child an earful of incoherent words and sufficiently scared him into believing policemen and firefighters were coming and were NOT happy with him (eh, not my best parenting moment).  But then there is this overwhelming desire to leave but you still need to stay...for like another 2 hours!  Ugh!

I'll find the gray hair from this one in the morning I'm sure.  In any case, they let us stay and here is Isaac, whom I am neither confirming or denying is guilty, showing how brave he is at the dentist office.
Potential suspect, Isaac.

Day 31: Staying In Bed

 Every night I check on the boys several times to make sure everyone is sleeping in their bed.  It is not uncommon to find heads at the foot of the bed or bodies on the floor.  Mostly it is dangling feet.  Here is Isaac (or Mike as he told us at dinner tonight) apparently having fallen asleep in mid-escape. You can't really tell from this angle but his toes are just barely touching the floor.

On a side note, the other boys also came up with nicknames at dinner tonight.  Evan is "boy shoe" and Drew is "Taco".  This may seem like random silliness, and it is, however its actually a huge deal for them to suggest nicknames because in the past we would have TEARS and adamant yelling, "my name is JUST DREW! (or Evan or Isaac)" if Casey or I called them a different name.  They sure are growing up:)