Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5: Library

Who takes 3 kids with no inside voices to a library? We do!

There is a tiny library branch on Camano Island that is a perfect little outing for us. The boys love having their library books at home but strangely put little effort into selecting their books. It is always interesting to see what we end up with once we get home. The last 2 trips have brought us books having to do with adoption. I like to tell Casey that it is the boys' way of telling us they want a little sister.
 He's not buying it.

In any case, the boys always enjoy our trips to the library!

We always talk about the rules before we can go in.

Here is Drew checking out his own book.  All of the boys have their own library card and check out all of their own books.  

Evan trying to find a good book.

Isaac was done first so he just walked around being silly.

Drew working hard on his coloring.
We love the library!

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