Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

These cotton headed ninny muggins are 11 months old! I can't believe it - and yes, I say this every month. It is hard to believe that this time last year I was on bed rest at Hotel Providence eagerly anticipating the boys arrival and hoping that my next meal did not have gravy on it! Contrary to the Urban Dictionary, these cotton headed ninny muggins are not useless elves, although Evan does have some elf like qualities and is definitely a member of the Egger Elf Clan. They are 3 very active little boys who are growing and learning something new every day.

Drew has been able to stand on his own for several weeks now but very hesitant to take a step without holding on to something. He is so proud of himself when he stands up that he makes this manly grunting sound to get your attention and then laughs. He pushes my hands away when I try to help him take a step, giving me fair warning that he is the "I can do it myself" kid. Evan and Isaac stand up on everything but have yet to stand without holding on to something. Why would they want to practice walking when they crawl at light speed. I'm not kidding. If there were baby races these two would be thoroughbreds! If I could just get them to stop using their heads to let them know when they get where they were going we would have a lot less bumps and cries:)

The boys have been stretching their vocal cords and I have to say that Drew might be in the running for the loudest baby ever! Not crying, not complaining, just talking and listening to himself make noise. Unfortunately Drew also likes to make these glass shattering noises when we are shopping so we have to bring lots of treats with us! Casey has no one to blame but himself because Drew most definitely gets it from him! Drew has also taught his brothers an interesting skill. I call it an Appalachian banjo. They put the back of their hands up to their mouths and start making all kinds of noise while flapping their hand. I guess you just have to see it. Too bad they really like to do this while eating....things get messy!
Speaking of eating, we have been trying lots of new foods. They like peaches, pears, bananas, peas, green beans, and even some casserole! They also love watermelon which is not surprising as they may actually be part watermelon since I ate so much of it while I was pregnant. Oh, they also eat pancakes for breakfast - yummy! This is a big deal for me, it is hard to let my little preemies try new things. I would like to keep them in bubble wrap until they are 5:)

Now that it is football season the boys can put their touchdowns (arms up in the air) to good use. Casey gave up on the Mariners a couple months ago and has been practicing touchdown with the boys ever since. Brewster gets very excited during these practice sessions because this was originally his trick so he thinks we are cheering for him.
So here are some pictures of the boys doing what they do.

Baby traffic jam.

They play with everything upside down!

They have to share everything!

They laugh.

They eat grass...oops!

They climb on everything!!


Go Seahawks! Too bad the boys have to learn the disappointment of rooting for Seattle teams at such a young age. At least they have been spared the heartbreak of the Super Sonics!!