Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4: Doctors Office

Nothing slows these boys down.  Nothing.  Not even a stomach bug that has them running to the bathroom several times a day and even in the middle of the night.

Around 1:30am I heard poor Drew crying in the bathroom and I rushed in to find that he had an accident all over the floor and had tried to clean it all up.  I'll spare the gory details of the clean up but it was eventually done and as I snuggled with Drew to help him fall back to sleep he raised his one little finger from under the sheets and while waving it said, "Mommy, little boys don't ride dinosaurs.  Only big boys."  And that is how I knew he would soon be asleep.  And he was.  Not long after I was awoken by Isaac using the bathroom and shouting, "I'm done!".  I helped him out and carried him back to his bed.  As I made it into the boys room, just out of the light from the hallway I stepped in something wet.  I managed a one-footed hop to get Isaac to his bed with dropping him due to my sever case of heebie jeebies knowing full well what it was that I had stepped in.  Once confirming my suspicions and cleaning myself and the floor I was finally back to sleep only for the day to start far too soon!

 Following this particularly eventful early morning I decided we'd better check with the doctor.  Appointments for Drew and Isaac and Grandma and Papa's house for Evan.  Needless to say, there were a LOT of tears from the crew headed to the doctor's office and Evan was more than happy to celebrate his "alone" date with Grandma and Papa.

The doctor visit was uneventful and the boys are fine, although this little bug might last another week or two!  Lets hope the late night stuff is done with though!

After the check-up we headed to the grocery store for a few items.  Shopping with just 2 boys is WAY easier than with 3 so it was supposed to be a nice little trip.  Right away they were both eager to help.  Drew especially likes to be my little helper (a sneaky way for my tactile guy to get his hands on everything).  He asked so politely if he could put the laundry detergent in the shopping cart so I agreed.  He gingerly took it from my hands and proceeded to chuck it like a rag doll into the cart. Upon smashing down, the cap cracked and detergent began pouring onto the floor.  I grabbed the bottle to stop the blue puddle we had created only to hear Isaac announce to the entire store, "I HAVE TO POOP".  Ugh!

We eventually made it home.  We ate dinner and played a little and then all snuggled on the couch to settle down and watch a bit of a movie.  Here are the boys in their pajamas so sweet and completely unaware of the horrors and chaos they had caused throughout the day!  As disgusting as it all was I would do it all over again to hear them say that they love me "ten hundred forty forty ten" or some other ridiculous combination of numbers to show how big their love is for me, but somehow is always just one shy of how much I love them!

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