Sunday, October 23, 2011

No more mean guys.

This summer we graduated from short little TV programs to watching movies.  Actual movies.  The boys love MOVIES!  Mommy loves movies...they are great for long car rides and days with skipped naps, etc.  We have watched the Toy Story movies, Open Season, Horton Hears a Who, and Rio.  They have really given these little guys some interesting things to talk about and incorporate into their pretend play - which is an entirely different blog post (once I get some video).  Movies, however, have also introduced mean guys, bad guys, naughty guys or whatever you would like to call them.  Evan has recently decided that he is especially bothered by the means guys and is going to do something about it.

This is a video of Evan explaining how he wants movies with no mean guys.  Keep in mind that this conversation had been going on for quite a while before I wised up and grabbed my phone.  It is nice to see enthusiasm for a cause.  This is possibly the video of a future politician!

I would also like to point out our small success in teaching table manners.  Within the first few seconds of the video Isaac tells Evan that he burped and needs to say "excuse me."  Follow by Evan, not missing a beat and working in an "excuuuuse me" into his passionate speech.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 X 3 = Trouble!

 Guess who is 3?

Evan, Isaac and Drew recently celebrated their third birthday and boy did they enjoy it!

Although 3 is proving to be a difficult age, it is still full of innocence and wonderment and despite their new found independence it is actually a really adorable age.  It was so much fun watching the boys get excited for THEIR birthday party (which was just cake and ice cream with Grandma and Papa).  A party.  So simple and SO exciting! 

 Isaac, Drew, and Evan waiting patiently to blow out the candles.  I'm not sure what was harder for them, waiting to blow out the candles or waiting to grab their Buzz Lightyear or Woody off of the cake.
 Do we like licking frosting? 
Evan does.
 Drew does.
 Isaac does.
 After some cake and ice cream what better way to burn off some sugar than by riding scooters!  I can't believe how quickly the boys picked up scooting.  After 10 minutes Isaac was already asking to go down the hill.  Thank goodness for helmets, because I don't think he will ask much longer - he will just do it!
 Because of Casey's crazy work schedule in October, we did a daytime birthday celebration with the boys.  We took them to the pumpkin patch again like last year and then out to lunch at Red Robin.  They had so much fun!  They really felt special at lunch having people sing to them and give them balloons.  The only down side is that now they request for me to sing Happy Birthday the way they do it at Red Robin.  Evan says, "no, happy happy birthday" followed by Isaac telling me, "clap your hands".

One of my favorite things at the pumpkin patch is the growth chart.  I remembered to take the boys' picture again this year...maybe next year they will get the look at you AND smile thing:)

Look how big we are!


October 2011

October 2010
Look at what little monkeys we were!

 Casey and his wheel barrow of fun!
 Evan, Isaac, and Drew.

Evan in his hat.  Before you make fun of his hat you should know that I made it and I realize it is fairly unattractive but for some reason Evan LOVES it and I will continue to let him wear it until the day he discovers how very un-cool his mother's homemade craft projects are.

Isaac in his hat.  He requested that I make him an orange hat with black stars.  I'm glad he forgot about the stars.  I have no idea how to do that!!!

Drew Bear.  His favorite color is green, however he will wear any hat. 

 Here are some pictures of the boys on a hay ride. It really is the little things that make this age so special.  Like the excitement of getting to sit on your knees on hay and get pulled by a tractor, they really thought they were big boys!

 A few of my favorite pictures!

Evan loading up some pumpkins.

 Isaac staking a claim.

Here is Drew trying to be a little Daddy and push the wheel barrow.

 Isaac pretending to drive the tractor.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Running With The Big Dogs!

Yesterday was the first day of Preschool! The boys are attending the "big kid class" (3-5 years old) this year and were SO excited. I was surprised at how many names they remember and how they just went in to class as if no time had passed at all. I am so excited for them and can't wait for next weeks classes!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool Party!

I started to post these pictures months ago but my follow through needs a little work:) Here are my water babies! They love playing in their pool and have yet to complain about how ridiculously small it is. I continue to be surprised at how Isaac and Evan can just jump into freezing cold water and start having a ball. My little Drew Bear is a little more like his mommy and gets cold pretty quick. We spend a lot of time snuggling in a towel while sitting in the sun.

Evan and Isaac dumping water on their heads. Why is this OK, but me rinsing their hair in the tub is torture?

Drew and Isaac hard at work.

This picture cracks me up because Isaac is almost as white as the towel!

Evan "getting warm". He lays down in the sun for 30 seconds and then jumps up and gets right back in the water.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

The boys never miss an opportunity to dress up so mom can take some pictures and Easter was no exception.

Isaac "the stud".

Evan loves to start the movies at Grandma and Papa's house!
Drew...just hanging out.

Evan playing with choo choos.

Isaac is reading the directions of a very complicated toy for Daddy. Thanks to Isaac's help, Casey was able to construct some train tracks.

Drew finally got what?

The impossible group picture. Drew decided that a finger in his nose was hilarious. I might think it's funny too in a couple years:)

1st School Pictures!

Here are the boys' preschool pictures for the 2010-2011 school year. They are so handsome (if I do say so myself)!




Monday, March 7, 2011

Still Catching Up...Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was so much fun! The boys could understand (kind of) who Santa was, they were really excited about snowmen and Christmas lights. Evening drives were a lot of fun with a LOT of shouting from the back seat, "I SEE KISSMAS LIGHTS."
Here is our Christmas in a very small nutshell...

The boys posed for pictures for mommy...
...well, we tried......and tried again.

We made cookies for Santa with Grandma and Papa.
Evan and Isaac.

What a yummy mess!

We went home and set our cookies out for Santa with some milk. Evan and Drew even tested the milk to make sure it was just right for Santa. Isaac was so exhausted from making the cookies that he fell asleep on the way home - don't worry, we told him all about it the next day:) Drew and Evan also kissed the cookies just to make sure they were extra special for Santa. It must have worked because Santa ate every single cookie!
Christmas morning was SO exciting!
My favorite memory from Christmas morning was Isaac asking Brewster for help opening his presents. He would say "hep me Brewsie." Of course Brewster was glad to help! I think next year I will ask Santa not to use Thomas the Tank Engine wrapping paper because I'm pretty sure Isaac thought anything wrapped in Thomas paper would be a Thomas toy.
Mommy made all of the boys [try to] pose for one more group picture!