Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slept Like A Baby

Slept like a baby. Okay - this saying now confuses me. I always thought it meant that you slept really well. Now that I have 3 babies it has a new meaning. The following is what I have come to understand this saying to mean.

Wake every 3 hours hungry.
Often poop and/or pee in your pants while sleeping.
Fart so loud it wakes you up and makes you cry.
Arms flail waking you up and making you cry.
Slept wrapped up like a mummy.
Chewed on a piece of rubber to make yourself fall asleep.
Slept while someone held you.
Slept on a mattress with no pillows.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Way To Go Mom

The boys are only 3 months old and I have already ruined some of their laundry. As you can see I have turned some of their socks pink in the wash. I told Casey we could save them and use them for when we have a little girl. If looks could kill...

On the left are an untainted, white pair of socks. On the right...used to be white socks.

No Paternity Test Needed

You'll all be glad to know that these are definitely Casey's kids:) I have always been certain but Casey wanted to hear it straight from Maury (Povich that is).

As I was rubbing Evan's head to help him fall asleep the other night I thought how Casey also enjoys a good head rubbing. This got me thinking how much each of the boys are like Casey.

Isaac gets really cranky like his dad when he is hungry. Did I mention that he gets REALLY cranky? Evan and Isaac also have infectious laughs like daddy and also get over stimulated (especially when shopping). And Drew...well Drew is a miniature Casey. Everyone comments how much Drew looks like his daddy. I wonder when the dimples will appear?

Evan, Isaac, Drew & Daddy

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Predictions and Resolutions

Now that the boys are three months old and it is the new year it is time to share our predictions and resolutions for each of them.


Prediction: He will be the first to crawl. He works so hard during tummy time and is starting to get up on his chubby little elbows.

Resolution: To get a nice round Charlie Brown head:)

Prediction: He will be the first to walk. Forget crawling - this guy already likes to stand and is surprisingly strong. So his monkey toes are all curled up, but someday those feet will hit the floor flat and he will take off. Probably to get himself a bottle.

Resolution: To not be so cranky in the evening and make grandpa carry me around all night. Ok, this might be mom's resolution for Isaac.

Prediction: He will be the first to talk. Drew works very hard at talking and is quite pleased with himself when he thinks he is communicating. We think that Drew is trying really hard to mimick us talking and is able to make different sounds than his brothers.

Resolution: To not fight his toots so hard. You have never seen a kid work so hard at passing gas! He frequently takes it out on a binky.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Brotherly Love

Isaac, Evan & Drew

Just seconds before this picture was taken Isaac was crying and being cranky. Turns out he just wanted his brothers.