Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16: Dog Treats

I was so excited to see Drew this morning and ask him all about his special overnighter with Grandma and Papa.  On the way to their house in the morning I asked Evan and Isaac if they missed Drew.  Evan said "yes" in a very sad voice (and had also packed 2 of Drew's favorite toys to bring to him).  Isaac said "no" very matter of fact and continued "I'm not worrying about him."  I agreed that I wasn't worried either because Grandma and Papa take such good care of us but was laughing on the inside about his tough guy attitude.  Sure enough, Isaac yells out "DREW" once we got to the house and could see Drew waving to us from the window.

After talking to Drew about his very special day I discovered that he had talked Grandma and Papa into going to PetCo (which was close to the pizza and ice cream place he got to go).  Once inside he further bamboozled them into buying toys for our dog, Brewster.  But in true Egger boy fashion, you don't just get one toy.  EACH brother gets a toy to give to the dog.  I am amazed that all of them will always ask for extra [insert anything; stickers, cookies, etc.] for their brothers - they really are very thoughtful!

In any case, Brewster was the happy recipient of 3 new toys tonight! Lucky dog!
Now, about a haircut.....

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