Sunday, September 19, 2010

Road Trip...lets - Day 7

Day 7 and Casey and I have decided that we want to live in an apartment again thanks to our wonderful stay at Rivertide Suites. We don't need all of the "stuff", we just need bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and a DVD player! Seriously though, no more yard work or home repairs is really...really enticing!

Here are the boys watching a DVD and patiently waiting for mom to finish getting ready.

Here is what one of the bedrooms looked like with all 3 portable cribs set up.
The boys really enjoyed running around our room and doing things they can't normally do at home, like open doors and play in closets. They also figured out how to turn the dishwasher on...ugh!

Finding secret hiding places is so fun Evan just had to take his pants off!

Have I mentioned that Casey and I aren't the best planners when it comes to more specific details? By deciding we would stay in Seaside we felt like we had a plan. Little did we know that we would be there at the same time the Hood To Coast Relay was finishing. You know, Hood To Coast - the biggest relay in the WORLD! There is a cap of 1000 teams each year so imagine how many people were in Seaside at the finish line!

Here is a picture of the thousands of people and tents set up for the relay finish. Just a few people to try to get around with 3 toddlers - no big deal.
Pulling this through super soft sand was a workout!

But we finally made it to the beach! Hooray!

Drew was not as excited as his brothers. He decided that he just wanted to be held by daddy.

Isaac and Evan were off and running!

Daddy playing soccer with Isaac and Evan.

Drew finally warmed up to being on the beach and decided that digging by himself was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

And when mom isn't looking, I'll just sneak a bite....

After making our way through the massive crowd we found a picnic table where we could do a quick change out of wet and sandy clothes and then went looking for some horses!
We found them on the carousel. The boys mostly looked petrified but they loved it! We rode twice they liked it so much!

This is Evan at the end of the first ride asking for "one more". His number one finger is a little cut off in the picture but his face his priceless!

The boys were so excited when we were done they were jumping and dancing and telling daddy all about it...even though he was right there with them:)

We ended the day with some pizza and a movie for Casey and I. It was the perfect end to our little vacation. We rested up and headed home the next day. Thank goodness day 7 was so nice because day 8 brought terrible traffic and an in-car diaper explosion!