Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Road Trip...lets - Day 3 & 4

Finally we were on the farm and out of the car. Day 3 was spent relaxing and enjoying the company of our family. The boys had a great time playing with their cousin and new friends, exploring Grandma and Grandpa's house, and hanging out at the creek. The boys got to stand in the nice cool water and throw rocks which they love to do. Throwing rocks is very exciting to 3 little boys who are told all day long to stop throwing their toys. The boys also enjoyed walking through the orchard and eating apples and plums right off of the tree. The most exciting thing all day though was receiving their early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa. A train set!

Evan and Drew have a mild obsession with Thomas The Train but Isaac LOVES Thomas. Because we don't watch a lot of TV at home I let the boys watch DVD's in the car and this is where the love for Thomas began...a simple DVD. Now if I mention a car ride Isaac immediately starts yelling "aw-taw, aw-taw, aw-taw" meaning Thomas. Just last week we got him to say Tom because the aw-taw business was driving us nuts! So anyways, you can imagine their excitement at playing with the train set. Now that we are home it has already provided hours of entertainment! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Everyone loves playing with trains!

Day 4 was Grandma's birthday so we celebrated by going to the Wildlife Safari. Wildlife Safari is a wild animal park that you drive through in your own car. Since we were going 2mph we let the boys sit on our laps and get a better view. They loved the combined excitement of looking for the animals and the new freedom inside the car! After seeing all of the animals we had lunch and went for a train ride around the park. More trains - the boys loved it! It was 106 degrees that day so after the train ride our little pink cheeked boys were pooped and ready for a nap.

Who's driving?

Grandma and Evan

Waiting for the train.
It's a's Isaac!

Drew on the train.

Isaac watching for wild animals.
Evan all pooped out!
After a good nap and a snack we went to a great park to get out the last little bit of energy the boys had by climbing, going down slides and even riding a merry-go-round! Needless to say, the boys slept great that night! And once they were asleep we got to party with Grandma!

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