Thursday, September 2, 2010

Road Trip...lets - Day 1

After months of "talking" about going to Oregon to visit Grandma and Grandpa Egger we finally did it. Instead of driving the 8 hours straight through in the middle of the night while the boys were sleeping we decided to make a week long road trip out of our journey and really try to enjoy the last days of summer. Our first day we left at the boys' nap time hoping they would sleep for a portion of our 4 hour leg to Portland. It was a rocky start because we had to stop by my parents house to drop off Brewster which got the boys all worked up thinking that they were also going to play at Grandma and Papa's. So after a teary beginning the boys finally fell asleep and we were on our way!
We used to take Brewster with us to the farm before we had kids and would stop at this great park in Centralia to let him run around and burn off some energy. We figured if it worked for the dog it should work for the boys! They loved the park! They got to swing, slide, climb, run around trees, and even see squirrels and ducks. It was at this park though, that I realized that I am a magnet for wacky kids, you know the ones who are filthy and missing an article of clothing (shoes and shirt in my experiences). They seem to want to play with friends. I end up helping kids on monkey bars, watching them jump, and holding hands. Makes me wonder what it is about me....youthful spirit, childlike attitude, overuse of the word 'cool', must be my similar unkempt appearance:)
Back on the road and we realize we didn't make any hotel reservations...not unusual for a Casey/Jenny trip. I remembered a hotel that was listed on the Portland Zoo's website (where we were going the next day) so Casey called and reserved us a room. We pull in way past the boys bedtime to find that the hotel was not exactly the nice family place one would expect to partner with the zoo. We decide to make the best of it because it was only a few hours, right?
Wrong. Worst night's sleep since the boys were new born! The walls were pretty thin so we could hear the family next to us yelling at Anthony who was crying while his mom and dad took turns seeing who could be the loudest. I was ready to start yelling at Anthony too! On the other side of use was a guy who had a TERRIBLE phlegmy cough...all night! We also had our own little drama in our room, which was our first time in a hotel with the boys. We started with all of the boys in one bed while they settled down and fell asleep which quickly changed to one of them in a portable crib, one in a bed alone, and one guy with Casey and I (something that never happens). As we settled in for the night cuddling my sweet little baby it was then that I got it. I understood how people end up with their kids sleeping in their bed until they are 5. It's your child at their best - cute, cuddly, sweet, and quiet. I changed my mind at 2am. How can anyone sleep with a toddler? Drew and Casey ended up in one bed, and Isaac and I in the other. Drew kept getting on all fours and ramming his head into the headboard and kicking Casey all night while Isaac spent the entire night trying to get away from me! I guess we have all gotten used to sleeping with plenty of space!

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PerryBlog said...

Way to be brave and adventurous! I'm a little nervous about Kyla and especially Maxx on the airplane to Disneyland, the hotel, the over-stimulation... Makes me feel haggard just thinking about it. Fortunately we'll have both sets of grandparentals with us, too. Will that make it easier or harder?