Saturday, September 4, 2010

Road Trip...lets - Day 2

ANTHONY! That's right, day 2 begins with the loud and obnoxious family from the room next to us yelling at poor Anthony in the hallway right outside our door. I had a hard time refraining from giving them a piece of my mind! Oh well, I was up - so off to get some hotel waffles for the boys. I found myself wanting to explain to everyone in the breakfast room that I was getting breakfast for 3 kids but just kept my head down busily making a giant plate of waffles and stuffing butter, syrup, and yogurt in my pockets.

Casey and I lucked out big time and just happened to catch his Aunt Tina (who lives in Portland) on her day off from work so she agreed to come to the Portland Zoo with us. We also lucked out because Casey's sister also happened to be in Portland and was able to come along. It was SO nice having Aunt Tina and Aunt Kortni with us to help wrangle babies and give them the opportunity to walk around the entire time instead of riding in their wagon. The boys loved hanging with TT (as Isaac would call her) and KoKo!!

We thought that we would practically have the zoo to ourselves on a Monday but were badly mistaken! It was so busy and took us FOREVER to park but surprisingly it didn't seem as crowded once we were in the zoo. The boys were really excited to be walking around and we discovered their fascination with traffic cones. Maybe next time they will be just as excited about animals!

Isaac and Aunt Kortni

Tina and Drew
Drew loves penguins! The cutest thing all day was when we entered the penguin area and Drew said "ooohh" and walked right up to the wood penguin cutout displays and started hugging and kissing them all while continuing to say "oooooohhh".

One of the zoo highlights for the boys were the African drums. They loved them! Even if they had to stand on their tippy toes.

Evan taking a little break from walking.
This is one tired little dude. After Evan tried playing the same drum as Isaac "The Boss", Ike-man had a total meltdown and we knew they were done.

What a fun day! Thank you Tina and Kortni for hanging with the Egger hurricane!
Once we got in the car the boys crashed immediately and Casey and I began our journey south the Myrtle Creek.
We did learn something important on this day. Even though the boys have a nap, on a really exciting and busy day they will still be tired, cranky, and prone to outbursts in the evening. Where did we learn this? Applebees. A few hours down the road we thought we would stop at a mall to let the boys stretch their legs and get some more walking in before dinner...wrong. They were hungry and everything was upsetting them so we hurried across the street to Applebess where we were "that family". Have I mentioned before how loud Drew is? He has no inside voice and has recently discovered how to scream. Go ahead and say it..."oh man" is right! It didn't help that we were using boosters for the first time but our food could not come fast enough! Eventually it came and the little devils who were moments earlier throwing crayons and Matchbox cars were little angels flirting with the waitress.
Back to car for more Elmo and Thomas DVD's that entertained the boys the rest of the way to Grandma and Grandpa Egger's house. They went straight up to bed and right to sleep!

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