Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of Pre-Preschool!

Evan, Isaac, and Drew had their first day of preschool today!
We are attending a wonderful co-operative preschool in Stanwood once a week but after today I wish it were twice a week! The boys had so much fun but I think I enjoyed watching them play and interact with other kids their own age even more!
It's a little difficult to get my 3 little night owls up and out the door early in the morning. However, I would like the world to know that I got TRIPLETS to preschool before it was even open (first one in the parking lot) AND got a coffee! Take that singleton parents! OK, that's more than a little immature of me but I just have to enjoy the moment because I'm sure it will never happen again!
What is the breakfast of brainiac champs? Eggs (with meat as Drew would say), toast (per Isaac's request), and milk of course (in a blue cup per Evan's request)! On a side note, that is a huge foam cougar head in the bottom left of the picture. It surprisingly is a great reward for good eaters! They get to wear it and have the WSU fight song sang to them (by daddy)!

Sorry Grandma's and my future self, but this was the best picture I could get this morning. It was like they were as excited as I was and found it impossible to sit still. I have been talking about going to school with the boys for the last few days and watching an episode of Blue's Clues where they go to school just to get them ready for it. I was so happy that they weren't devastated that Elmo wasn't at their school this morning just like in one of their books. Phew!


Isaac and Evan insisting they have their hats (hoods) on.

Although Isaac did pull his pants down almost immediately upon getting his coat off at school, conveniently while my hands were occupied pinning a name tag on Evan, the rest of the 55 minutes went pretty dang well.
The boys are used to standing around toys and taking turns so they did just fine and did good at sharing the best 23 month olds can. I did discover the things that set us, the triplets, apart from the other kids though.
The first being drinking from cups. Snack time included cups with water which each of my boys all immediately dumped down the front of them. We still use sippy cups so they can help themselves when they want a drink and we work with regular cups one on one randomly. Needless to say the boys were pretty excited and I can't blame them especially since the only time they get to have a regular cup is in the bathtub!
The second difference is sitting in chairs. We still use our highchairs so I can keep them wrangled and focused on their meal. They have their own table at Grandma and Papa's but we're still working on "sitting" down. Drew especially wants to just grab a bite and start walking around. Insert prayer for second set of arms to sprout from my body at this point.
And the third applies mostly to Drew. Group activities are overrated. He wasn't down with circle time. He was probably thinking that his entire day is a group activity so he was going to make the most of some alone time with the toys.
So far so good. Then I find Evan. Finger painting on a classmates t-shirt. Yikes! Paint!!! My kids are just starting to get to have more than one crayon at once! After I wash all of the white paint off of Evan I set him loose just to find him 1 minute later eating the blue paint! I'm sweaty and a little anxious now so yes, we will play outside even if it is raining. Big mistake. Let's just say that my guys helped lead the wild boys puddle running. They were laughing and having a great time and since they were already soaked from snack time why not a little mud to boot?
We got in the car completely dripping wet and it was worth it! Can't wait for the next class!!!


Nora said...

Yay! Sounds like a fun day and those coats are adorable!

PerryBlog said...

Awesome! Love your descriptions of wrangling the triplets. Always good entertainment!