Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Kind Of Trouble!

I recently stumbled upon the source of many arguments among the boys that only seemed to be happening when I would leave the room. Turns out when the window is left open it makes a nice little handle to grab onto and climb up with. Isaac is a spider monkey. You should see the strength he uses to get his little body up...and see his little toes desperately gripping to the wall as he makes his way up. Isaac manages to pull himself up into the window sill and balance there while enjoying the view. You would think that it would be enough just getting up in the window...but no, there's more.
(And yes, those are bite marks on the window sill. So glad the boys are taller now!)

Easy does it...turning around...


I'm a little slow so I missed a couple of frames. I didn't quite understand the full scope of what was happening. The next pictures you can see Isaac in the window and Evan is pretty jealous. The fighting is usually Evan and Isaac pulling each other down. You can see Drew looking at me as if he knows this is not a good idea!

But wait. There's still more. What I noticed after Isaac did some rearranging was that he had moved all of their stuffed animals under the know - to jump onto!!!! Is this type of stuff just part of little boy's DNA? Where do they come up with it?!