Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Great Indoors

Drew and Isaac have started camping in their bedroom! No campfires, no marshmallow...not actually that much fun. They are called crib tents and my two little escape artists had to be contained. Drew jumped/fell out of his crib a couple of months ago and hasn't been persistent at trying again, however he does throw that little leg up when I come to get him so I thought it was better safe than sorry with him. Isaac on the other hand had figured out how to get out with quiet, ninja like skill. That is scary because of all the baby proofing we have done the boys room is totally NOT baby proof! Their room is actually a bonus room and on the other side of the wall from their cribs is a bunch of junk. We have our buffet from the dining room, our sleeper sofa, all of my arts and craps (I mean crafts but I'm not very good at any of them so it is just crap), our old coffee table with a train set on it, our old tv we use for "working out", other random workout equipment, and other various hodge podge items. The tents have worked like a dream! The escaping wasn't a struggle every night but was enough of a safety concern to warrant the tents. Aside from keeping them safe we have been pleasantly surprised at how much more quickly the boys settle down and fall asleep now! It is amazing how boring it is when you can't throw binkies across the room and laugh with your brothers about it! Might as well just fall asleep!

Drew's crib is on the left and Isaac's on the right. That's right, the walls are orange. I painted the house like Punky Brewster would have (as Casey says) when we first moved in - you know, experimenting. Never fixed it and didn't have the energy once I was pregnant. We like to think that it reminds the boys of a basketball:) Also, in an attempt to decorate we have put sports balls decals on the wall and hung planets from the ceiling. Casey likes to call this Space Jam.

You can see the very edge of Evan's crib by the changing table on the other side of the room. Luckily he hasn't ever tried to get out of his crib. Even when his brothers did he would just stay there and laugh at them. Thank you Evan!!!

Drew waking up from his nap. Looks like the napping fairy came and stole his pants!

Isaac was not as happy when he woke up:)

Here is some of the junk on the other side of their room. Can you imagine kids running wild in this? Oh wait, they are running wild. Notice Brewster is in the rocking chair and the train set is missing several pieces of track!

The boys really enjoy playing the keyboard (or piano is what we tell them). They love music and love to dance, which sadly shown us that they have inherited my rhythm. Sorry boys!

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