Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cousin Emma!

Cousin Emma, who is only 2 months younger than the boys, came to visit Grandma and Papa last week and got to hang out with the "boys only" club. She was an honorary member and the boys had fun playing with her - once they got used to her girl stuff-like kissing! The first day we came to play with her the boys would just stand there frozen with fear as she went around trying to hug and kiss each one of them. Drew was the most traumatized by the kissing so he kept his distance from Emma for most of her stay but much to my surprise Isaac (the hot head biter) was a perfect gentlemen. He made sure Emma was included in all of the songs we sang where we name everyone by pointing to her (so cute), he offered her bites of his snacks, and he would stand very still when she wanted to hug and kiss him! By the end of Emma's trip she was just one of the guys:) I have to say the pink, dolls, and chattiness of a little girl was a lot of fun. We miss you Emma!!!


She would sit at her little picnic table Grandma set up for her and watch the Wiggles and crack up laughing when the boys weren't there to play with her!

I wasn't able to get a good action shot but Emma would launch her little body into the pool of balls. While Evan was playing with her he would grab the side of the pool as if to brace himself!

We all went for a walk and she got to ride with Evan. It was so funny to watch the boys experience something so common to them with a new person. At first Evan just sat there looking at Emma as if trying to figure out what was different.

She participated in the nighttime running of the bulls. This is just before we put jammies on and the boys just race up and down the hallway. We say, "ready, set, go" and then they all run...except for Evan, he takes off at "set".
Grandma and Papa have this great box that when upside down has a door and window for a clubhouse. Right side up it is something to put balls in. And on it's side it becomes a slide! The boys and Emma were all climbing on the box and each other while laughing and having a good time!

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