Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Favorite Toys

So it's no secret that the boys have a lot of toys but there are some that keep their attention longer than others. It is interesting picking out toys for them because some things just aren't meant to be played with by 3 kids at once. So while there are many fun toys out on the market, there aren't a lot that can hold up to these guys! We are constantly battling the "toy is always greener in the other brother's hands" mentality:) I thought that I would share some of the toys that I had pictures of or that are their current favorites.

Balls. Love balls! BAW, BAW, BAW is what I hear all the time! Evan, Isaac, and Drew have even started trying to say different types of balls, like basketball, football, and baseball. It is cute to hear the additional syllable. Of all the balls there is one mother ball....JUMBO BALL, or as the boys call it, bumbo baw. It is a large silver exercise ball that embarrassingly saw very little activity until the boys came along. We recently took Grandma and Papa's idea and bought a blow up baby pool and filled it with little plastic balls. Now the boys can say pool!

Melissa & Doug Noah's Ark shape sorter. The boys love shape sorters and are pretty dang good at them so we thought we would bump up the challenge. It is all made out of wood so it is heavy, thus preventing it from being thrown (essential for my crew). Although this shape sorter is too difficult for the boys to do correctly because the animals are flat it still keeps their attention and they love putting them in and out of the boat over and over. Who would have thought?!

Truck. This truck has seen it all-including a lot of fights. It actually went on hiatus for a little bit because the boys would fight over it so much. The dumper flips up so you can ride on it or use it as a push toy but now Evan and Drew just sit in the dumper and Isaac will push them around. They also like to put their Mega Bloks in it and use it to build.

I don't know what this toy is really called but we call it the monkey toy. The boys have been playing with this for over a year now and still enjoy it. I saw the commercial for this thing over and over while I was in the hospital on bed rest and thought that it looked like something 3 little kids could play with. I was right!!!! When the monkey's hands tilt it starts playing music. One of my favorite memories was watching Drew stand holding the monkey's hands, bouncing, and shaking his head no to the music. This is when we discovered Drew's love of music and wacky dancing! Please note the hippo that can be used for storing balls. I once found that one of the boys managed to barf right into the hippos mouth without getting it anywhere else! Imagine my surprise when I found that!

Puzzles! We love puzzles! It is so fun to watch Evan, Isaac and Drew work on their puzzles. I continue to be impressed at how fast they are getting with them. We usually do puzzles in highchairs after meals and rotate them around. Well the boys know the routine and they will do a puzzle really fast and then hold it up and say done so they can get a new one!

Ninder. That would be blender to you and me. This might be their favorite toy of all. It is a blender shape sorter that plays music. I feel kinda weird about this toy because one of the songs is about adding fruit, ,mixing it up and making a good drink. Feels like I'm training them to make blended beverages for mommy! Thank goodness one of the ingredients in the song isn't tequila:)

Last but not least. Boxes, bins, and buckets. Anything little boys should not be sitting in they love. Sometimes they all try to get in them at once which never turns out good! So, need a gift idea for some kids? Give them a box!!!

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