Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beach Shoes!

Casey and I took the boys on a quick shopping trip this evening to good old Fred Meyer and happened upon some sweet beach shoes for the boys. When we got home I thought I would try them on one of the boys to see if they fit (because we were shopping a little too close to dinner time so we had to grab and go shop). To my surprise Evan and Drew started asking for shoes once they were on Isaac's feet. After they all had their new sandals on they started laughing and running around in circles! This is when we were supposed to be winding down before bed-oops! They liked them so much that they put up a fight when I went to take them off. I'm so excited that they have shoes we can finally take them to the beach in. We didn't go to the beach once last year...and we live on an ISLAND!!!! Now we are just waiting for some sun and crossing our fingers that we don't have sand eaters!
Evan and his robot (it's actually a transformer but robot is easier to say).
Isaac showing me how a kangaroo hops in his sweet new sandals.

I love this picture of Drew. It looks like he is tap dancing or something and I surprised him.

Say cheese! Isaac is the only one who will say cheese or smile when I ask them.

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