Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egger Hunt

For Easter this year we headed over to Grandma and Papa's where we also got to hang out with Uncle Johnny, Auntie Ioanna, and cousin JW. Auntie had a great idea to have an Easter egg hunt for the boys which I didn't think Evan, Isaac, and Drew would do so good at but could at least enjoy a good run outside with their big cousin JW. Little did we know that our boys were bred for egg hunting! They followed JW's lead and were soon racing around putting eggs in their baskets. It was so much fun to watch them all. They were all so good it only took a few minutes for them to find all of the eggs so we just kept taking them out of their baskets and re-hiding them over and over. I tried to take some pictures but when the all of the boys get together they get pretty excited so all I end up getting are pictures of the back of everyone's heads! We had such a good time. Thanks for the great idea Auntie!!!

Drew, Isaac, JW, and Evan eagerly waiting for their Easter baskets from Grandma and Papa.

Oh my gosh! Trucks and ducks! Our favorite things!!!!

Gotchya! Finally I got a picture of JW's cute little face. This kid is fast!!!
JW getting some help from Papa.


We have no idea how our mad scientist Isaac ended up with a basket full of just orange eggs but we have decided he must be brilliant.

Evan was very concerned when the eggs would open and ask you to fix them. So cute!

Ikie running with eggs.

Drew must have already spotted his next egg!