Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Super Heroes

Here are my little super heroes. Their special powers change daily but for the most part Isaac is Superman, Drew is Batman, and Evan is Spiderman. One day they will smile when I ask!

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Angela said...

Hi Jenny,
Just came across a comment you left last year over at Surviving Trips re: the most coveted choo choo wagon! I'm still debating on that. But wanted to give a shout out to you. Our trips were born 9/9/08 and we live in Vancouver, WA with GGB and our boy is Isaac. Too funny! Any who! Your boys are adorable! And hope you're not too sick of the rain your way! We use to live in Puyallup, but like the weather down here a little more. Our blog is at www.friesentriplets.blogspot.com if you want to swing by and visit. I'm having a give away this week as well. More to come on that tomorrow! Angela