Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All About Isaac

I have been asked more than a few times how I tell the boys apart to which my initial reaction is "are you crazy, just look at them", but then realizing how three small boys all dressed the same must look to others who don't see them everyday, I suddenly understand. It has got me thinking though...no laughing...about how Evan, Isaac, and Drew are so similar yet so different. So the next three posts will be about each individual little guy starting with Isaac.

Ike, Ikie, Ike-n-stuff, Mob Boss, Isaac, whatever you like to call him, this kid is busy! I like to call him Isaac the Mover. He is constantly moving things around the playroom; pushing toys, throwing things out, stacking them up, you name it he is moving it...or trying to climb it! Isaac gets very focused on his project du jour and gets VERY angry if something or someone gets in his way, thus our biting problem. He has gotten a lot better about biting because now when he can't take the book or toy away from someone else or push the slide over he will stomp his little feet and fake cry. That is right-a tantrum. I will take this 5 second tantrum any day over the biting though!!!
Isaac does like to take breaks from his intense focus on projects to run and jump in your arms and give you a big hug. He is very friendly and lovable and will almost always give kisses and hugs when asked (and mommy asks a lot). He is also the "father hen" of the group and likes to give binkies and toys to his brothers (as long as he is done with it) when they are upset and also likes to give bites of his snacks away!
Mr. Ike is definitely our parrot! I will really need to start watching what I say around him soon and will need to find something besides dummy to call the dog! He will try his hardest to repeat anything you ask him to and is getting really good at talking.
If you know Isaac then you know he loves to eat! He has always been my best eater but only recently has been given all of his food at once because of his tendency to shove it ALL in his mouth at once. He still eats too much at once but is getting better at it because his fork is slowing him down a bit:)

Here are some pictures of Isaac doing what he does...
Ikie loves to push the wagon. Sometimes when we are at the park he wonders off to push the wagon around!
Don't let his "uh oh" face fool you. He isn't scared of anything!
Why would I go around and use the steps, mom? I can just climb up the side of the playground equipment!
We brought a ball with us to the park on this day and I sort of regretted it because Isaac was obsessed with taking it up to the top of the slide and rolling it down over and over and over. The poor guy was working so hard, he was huffing and puffing but apparently having fun.
I even tried throwing the ball out in the field to try to get him to do something else but all he did was go get the ball (after crying) and head right back to the slide!
Little Isaac.

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