Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teddy Bear

Drew Bear. Our little big bear. Drew is sweet and cuddly just like a teddy bear but can yell like a grizzly bear! He is our sensitive guy who would be just fine left alone with a pile of books. His favorite thing to do is back up into someones lap with a book though. We have noticed that Drew has an ability to memorize pictures, remember them, and point to them when asked. I'm not talking about just dogs and cats - things like newt, jackhammer, kite, igloo, and outer space...weird stuff! He impresses us everyday with his memory.
Of all of the guys Drew is probably still the most attached to his binky. They only get them for naps and at bedtime and because Drew is so loud, at the doctors office and in stores! I think we have our work cut out for us when it comes time to get rid of the infamous green binkies once and for all!
Although Drew tends to let his brothers be a little more aggressive when it comes to stealing toys and books he really likes to wrestle and grab them. Drew is also the guy who hangs on my legs the most and thinks that it is funny to be my shadow (making diaper changing a little difficult). He also likes to hang back when it's time to clean up and let his brothers do all of the work, which Isaac is happy to do!
Drew is really enjoying his new independence at dinner time using utensils and a plate. He digs right in and there isn't much he won't eat, but when he's not in the mood for something his mouth clamps up tighter than a vice and he won't stop shaking his head no. He loves juice and almost always finishes his cup...can't say the same for his milk though.
Drew loves to laugh and is pretty easily amused which is why it is so strange that I can hardly ever catch his cute smile with the camera! His first impression to others is that he's a serious, studious guy but then he warms up and is just as wild as the others. Drew is also the most interested in little girls...ugh!

Drew pondering life among the tulips with his faithful binky.

Drew "flying" at the park.

Drew loves to point things out so he really enjoyed showing the kites (not in the picture obviously) to his daddy.
Drew reading. He loves this book. He will say du, du, du really loud while pointing to the duck!

Drew can also be a silly monkey!

Drew Bear.

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Nora said...

Jenny- loved reading each of the boys updates- great job! They are getting so big! Loved seeing them a few weeks ago too.