Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Evan is a happy go lucky kind of guy! He is very playful and easy to get along with. When introduced to other babies he is the most interested in them and is very curious about them. Evan can also be sensitive and have his days where he won't let Papa put him down but for the most part Evan is a good balance between Isaac and Drew.
Evan can be wild and run crazy at play time (and fight with the best of them) but he also likes to sit and read books and arrange toys. Evan was the first one to really enjoy playing with his Little People toys. He likes to arrange them all in the barn, on the window sill, or some other location not to be interrupted by his brothers. Evan is also the only one to be partial to any toy. He loves one of the Little People, a duck dressed up like a doctor - the ducktor we call it. He can pick that one figure out instantly and grabs it every time. Although Evan is particular about arranging the figures of his ducktor he doesn't get upset if someone else is playing with them. He does like to knock all of his figures down before his brothers get to them though!
Evan is also a very lovey guy. He likes to give hugs and kisses and will pat your back when you hold him. He really loves to play tag or chase and laughs hysterically while playing. And it always ends with a big hug!
As easy going as Evan is, he is my most stubborn eater! There were times we had to put things in his mouth just so he would try it and realize he likes it before he would eat it. He has recently started refusing to eat unless he can use a fork! He won't let me put anything in his mouth and will only let me spoon feed him yogurt and cream of wheat (because I'm not ready for that mess yet)! I must say that he is pretty good with a fork though!!!
Thanks to all of Evan's reading he has gotten really good at his animal sounds. One of my favorite things is to ask all of the boys what sounds all of the animals make. They are pretty funny! Evan's knack for arranging has also made him naturally talented at sorting his shapes and doing puzzles. Evan is certainly a ray of sunshine in our house!!!

Evan being silly with his Little People farm animals.
Evan's first styled hairdo. Styled with maple syrup! He has recently started rubbing his plate on his head while I am getting him more of something.

Evan being silly again. Are you seeing a theme here?

My little monkey!
Curious Evan showing me wood chips at the playground.
Evan Almighty!

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