Saturday, April 10, 2010


We made it to the tulip fields this year!!! We managed to find a nice day in the middle of the week to avoid the crowds which was amazing considering our attempt 2 days prior was more like storm chasing! I could not get out from under those dang rain clouds but could clearly see sunny skies all around us! Although the boys were not awed by the rows and rows of tulips they are always up for an adventure and some good ol' people watching...or more like getting watched by people! We were able to take a few good pictures even with people pointing and not-so-subtly saying "look, triplets". We made a full loop around the field at Tulip Town and braved the mud. Good thing I wore boots! Tulip Town had some really great large kites flying that they boys loved and a big empty field to run in that they loved even more. After the tulips we went to a park where all three boys touched a dirty sock on the ground but had a great time getting some energy out. And to end the day we had dinner at the Olive Garden. Surprisingly, this has turned out to be a good restaurant for the boys because of the bread sticks. Casey and I can actually eat because of them. It was also a great opportunity for Evan to try out his new trick - shaking hands. So my little guy shook hands with Keith, the evening manager.

The Egger Family
A bored Isaac and mommy.
Isaac found a flower for mommy. I hope it was already on the ground!

Drew touching the flowers.

Isaac smelling! Ahhhh.

Evan is my daisy picker. He always stops to inspect the grass and pick something!

Casey and the boys watching a tractor go by. So exciting!

Casey with a bouquet of babies!


Casey, Drew, and Evan.

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