Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sippy Cups

We gave the boys sippy cups to play with a few weeks ago and recently added water now that they have figured which end is up. After breakfast they all practice with their cups and look so cute trying to coordinate their little hands to get those things up to their faces.

Unfortunately our boys are lazy eaters and are perfectly happy to have mom and dad hold their bottles and cups so not much actual drinking has occurred. With a little help all of the boys were able to get some water out today though. It probably didn't hurt that it was in the 80's today making it about 400 degrees in the house. Poor sweaty babies needed a cool drink!
Play time. You might notice that Drew gave up and decided to chew on the highchair.

This is Isaac and I have no idea what he is thinking but I love it!

Drew in the early phase of sippy cup introduction!

Sweet little Evan just before he starts acting like a wild animal.


The Johnsons said...

They are getting so big! Are you on the island? I would love to meet the boys.

Jen said...

Bring your sweaty boys down to our place!! They can swim/pee in the girls pool!