Thursday, June 11, 2009

Egger's Go Green

Social conscience? Um...maybe.

Frugality? Yes.

We have recently started recycling at home. I know, I know - just starting. What was wrong with us? Well, we used to take our garbage to the dump because waste pick up on the island is pretty expensive but decided it would be worth it not to have mounds and mounds of diapers piling up in the garage. Casey is the recycling task master and is quick to let me know when I've thrown something away that could be recycled but he is doing a great job though! We always have a full recycling bin and he has widdled our waste down to 75% diapers and 25% actual garbage. No small feat considering he wasn't willing to spring for the larger can! Did I mention we have a lot of dirty diapers? Casey has to position the diaper genie logs strategically in the garbage can like tetris pieces. He is very good at it!

In other efforts to "go green" the boys will not be playing in a fuel "inefficient" wagon. No, not here. They are playing in an eco-friendly light rail!

I hope they don't catch on to the fact that their parents are cheap anytime soon:)

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