Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gated Community

The boys are really moving now! We had to contain them and fast. Casey "McGeyvor" Egger so handily installed a baby gate. The gate has been wonderful and lets me get a few things done without running back and forth trying to wrangle escapees. The downside of the gate is that it takes me a few extra seconds to get through the gate to get to the crying guy who just bonked his head...or was crawled over by his brother. The other downside of the gate is that the boys like to play right at it, looking at you like dogs in a kennel. This is where I have also witnessed a flash into my near future. I saw Drew push Evan down and then Evan get up and bite Drew. Can't wait until they get their upper teeth!! I also saw Drew crawl right over little Isaac as if he were one of the pillows. I'm thinking Drew might be the instigator!

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kristig said...

I remember Scott breaking a rib after he fell into the counter because he decided to go OVER the gate instead of opening it!