Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh No!!

We have crawlers! They look like little worms crawling all over each other and not minding one bit. Not only are they all crawling but Drew is pulling himself up to a standing position on anything he can get his hands on. This has made playtime a little dangerous. Drew is constantly trying to escape baby playland only to find the cold hard tile in the entry way not so soft. The poor guy has scratches, bumps, and bruises all over his head. I hear a lot of thumps followed by crying that keep me running to see what is wrong.

The boys have also started noticing each other more and interacting more. Before they would just stare but now they move to look at one another and make each other laugh. I will find them all in a circle just cracking up at each other and it makes me laugh too. They are funny little guys who are changing every day!

Isaac, Evan, Drew

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