Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode To The Daddy

Nobody ever anticipates having triplets. Especially not Casey! After agreeing to have 1 child (because he hates the idea of potty training, teaching to read, write, and do math over and over) we found out we were expecting triplets - not the romantic TV moment you may have envisioned - and we were off to planning, thinking, worrying...and worrying some more. I did get a little worried when Casey grew a mustache so I hid his passport:)

Well 8 months into parenthood and Casey is the super dad we all knew he would be. He is such a good dad and the boys just adore him. I'm jealous to admit that I don't get quite the same reaction Casey does when he walks into the room with the boys. They all squeal with delight! Casey doesn't think that he has any patience but shows great patience when playing with the boys and trying to teach them something new. He comes up with the most creative ways to capture their attention and help their little minds with discovery and exploration. Casey is a natural teacher and it shows everyday. Although he is committed to providing learning/educational experiences to the boys he is also wild and crazy Casey. He can make the strangest noises and the silliest faces that the boys love and enjoys rolling around on the floor with them (our boys are very active) helping them burn some energy.

The boys sure are lucky to have such a caring, loving, and fun daddy! Happy 1st Father's Day Casey!!!

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PerryBlog said...

You guys are both doing an awesome job! Happy Father's Day (x3), Casey!