Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Contractions Cha Cha Cha

We made it to 32 weeks!!! This was a big milestone for us. We now feel better that the little guys will face fewer and less serious complications if they born now. Today is my 38th day being in the hospital and I am ready to go home. I am not ready to give birth on the island so I guess it is a good thing that I am still here:)

My contractions have picked up a little in frequency (and intensity probably due to the size of the huge babies) requiring me to get 2 shots of some awful medicine yesterday. The shot relaxes the uterus but makes the rest of my body feel like a crack addict. I hate it! But I can handle it if it keeps the babies in my belly longer. We have been told that each day in my belly is 2 less days the babies will need to spend in the NICU. I guess I can also put up gravy on every meal as well. I will be sure to remind the boys of my sacrifices for them in about 18 years:)

Speaking of the NICU, Casey and I were able to go on a tour of the NICU here. We are feeling a lot better about where everyone will be and what to expect when the big day gets here. We were a little disappointed to learn that there wasn't a triplet room for all three babies but there is a twin room. In any case, the Egger Family will be taking up a lot of real estate in the NICU.

We haven't been able to upload any photos so here is the closest thing to what I look like currently (minus messy hair and glasses - oh and clothes).

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Jen said...

WA-HOO!!! You are a super rock star. And not scary and melty and green at all- maybe I should come take some pictures to prove it.

By the way- the girls got a letter from your dog today- they are a little concerned that he seems to be having trouble writing his "R" backwards. (They were a little suspicious & thought maybe a certain aunt or uncle wrote the note, but then realized that they would NOT have written backwards R's, therefore OF COURSE it was Brewster. Then they wanted to know how he knew what their address was. My children are maybe not super bright. I blame their father.)