Saturday, October 18, 2008

Special Delivery!

Let's see here; I'm quietly posting a blog for Jenny as she is completely wiped out from an insane amount of narcotics. The kind you get when you give birth to 3 baby boys!

Today, 10/18/08, Evan Arthur, Isaac Austin & Drew Aiden got to take their first breath of fresh air after spending 34 weeks and 3 days in mommas belly. Evan came first at 9:18 am, then Issac officially at the tail end of 9:18 am, and Drew at 9:20 am. All three boys came out trumpeting and in sync sounding like quaking ducks. They had the entire room of doctors and nurses cracking up. Admittedly their quaking/crying was funny, but also the best sounds a new father or mother could hear. Truly amazing.

We were given assurances prior to birth that each baby would be spotted, marked and named immediately. So, in spite of the massive rush of baby, with our crack team of nurses and doctors we are certain they each carry their given names. My "quezzzy over eazy" training paid off as well and I was able to verify each son was properly identified. I even had it in me to cut their umbilical cords. Who would have thought the guy who tossed his cookies during "sex-ed" could have tolerated so much.

The little champs are resting now in NIC as anticipated. With so many potential risks in triplet birth, we are fortunate that so far Evan and Isaac (identical twins) are only dealing with small breathing issues. It's tough work for those little guys to do it all on their own now, so a little assistance is needed. Drew on the other hand was kicking the doctor on the way out and shortly thereafter doing pushups. He will no doubt be the protector. Currently they each have their own room and their own nurse, but cant wait to be back together again.

They are all very handsome and have heads of hair that some of my premature balding friends would pine for. It's brown now - just like their moms. Speaking of mommy, Jenny is doing really well, but very nautious and extremely tired. Did I mention she was tired? She was able to muster enough strength to go down to the second floor and visit the boys while carrying a plastic tub for immediate liquid evacauation. The liquid was on lockdown, but when we got back to the room she let the dogs out. It was amazing to see how quickly bright green gatorade turned into orange soda. I wonder if it was the absorption of electrolytes! I know yuck; well get used to it I'm a guy and the proud daddy of three boys! Doody time rules!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Egger family! we are so excited and thrilled that the boys have arrived and are doing well...Jenny too. Give them all our love--
Kristi, Kaylen, Scott and Austin (very excited about Isaac's middle name)
Take care of everyone!

Anonymous said...

How much did they weigh and how long were they?

PerryBlog said...

Yippee! I win, I win! Okay, maybe you guys are the real winners, but my guess of 10/18/08 was right! Can't wait to see all the little guys. Take care!

Love from Kim, Jedd & Kyla

Randy said...

Congrats Egger's!! I am very happy for you and your new family.

Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you all! They all are adorable!

Congratulations Eggers! We can't wait to meet the newest members of your family. :)

-Nora and Chris

lblack said...

We are soooooo happy and excited for you two (now 5 or I guess 7 plus Monchi and Brewster). :) I cannot wait to meet the boys! CONGRATULATIONS Jenny and Casey!

laura said...

Oh, wow! I'm a blog lurker/friend of kims, and wanted to say 'congratulations'!! Really excited for you guys that all went well.

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

What was their weights?