Wednesday, October 8, 2008

33 Weeks!

We made it to 33 weeks!! Another weekly milestone and another week of no action. I think my body might be getting ready as my fingers and toes are becoming little sausages. I'm also guessing that my belly is at maximum capacity due to the fact that drinking water is now causing indigestion:)

Casey and I had a fun weekend of celebrations. First we celebrated my 30th birthday (ba -humbug) by watching the Seahawks get their butts kicked and eating Subway sandwiches - yum! We also had visits from my mom and dad who brought some cheesecake! And a visit from the other Eggers (Casey's brother's family and his sister) who brought birthday cake! I ate very well on Sunday!! We also celebrated out 7th wedding anniversary on Monday. Casey smuggled in some of Everett's finest Italian cuisine (Olive Garden) and we watched a movie. It was relaxing and a really nice couple of days. Thanks everyone!!

We can finally upload pictures now!! Enjoy.

Mom and dad visiting me at Hotel Providence.

Mom and Casey.

Jen serving some delicious birthday cake - yummy!

Party girls, Grace and Ella.

This is my impression of an old man who still wears size 32 jeans even with a huge beer belly.

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PerryBlog said...

Yay pictures! Jedd agrees that you are bigger than he thought when you were just lying in bed. You're doing awesome!