Monday, October 13, 2008

Visit from the doctor...

Dr. Brewster made a visit to the hospital to check on me last Saturday. We went on a wheelchair ride outside so Brewster could run around and then Casey wheeled me (with Brew on my lap) down the street to a convenience store where he parked me on the sidewalk and purchased me an orange soda. Although I looked like an escapee from the hospital with my mismatched sweats, t-shirt, messy hair, big jacket, slippers, and a dog it was totally worth it. After our outing outside we came back to my room where we met up with mom and dad and had a pizza party. Orange soda and pizza in one night!! Needless to say, my ankles were quite puffy from the pizza, but again, it was totally worth it. I got lots of kisses from Dr. Brew and am re-energized to make it one more week with minimal complaining:)

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