Wednesday, September 24, 2008

31 Weeks

We made it to 31 weeks, hooray!! The boys and I are getting bigger everyday and they feel like a bunch of wiggle worms. It is getting a little harder to find a comfy position to sleep in each night. And just when I have finally reached a deep sleep - KNOCK KNOCK, food nutrition - my breakfast is delivered! I ignore it and drift off again just in time for a nurse to enter with medication and to take my blood pressure. After she leaves I drift off again just as the cleaning lady comes in, and then my doctor, then the lab for a blood draw, and then a nurses aid to see if I need anything. Then I'm up. I know, poor me. All of these nice people taking care of me, how inconvenient:) So other than sleeping like Princess and the Pea everything is still going really well and we are optimistic I can make it to our next milestone of 32 weeks.

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