Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bad Boys

28 weeks old and already acting up! These naughty little guys have landed mom's butt in the hospital for bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy. I am still having contractions and more shortening of my cervix so I guess it is time to unpack the suitcase. Casey brought the camera so we could post a week 28 picture. We took a picture but although I feel fine I look terrible!!! I fear that posting the picture would only alarm people to think that I am more sickly than I'm leading on. I'm fine! I might try doing my hair, maybe a little mascara, and one of Casey's nicest t-shirts for a picture tomorrow:)

So my stay at the hospital has been interesting so far. I'm a bit of a celebrity around here - apparently triplets aren't too common:) I think the nurse like me because I'm not 17, I have insurance, and I'm married - oh and I don't smoke. A big change from what they are used to. I have had to have the same conversation with each nurse (which I have had a new one twice a day) every day. Here are some of the questions:

Were you surprised?
Do you have names?
Are you nervous? - How am I supposed to answer this?
Have you had a bowel movement?
When? - love these questions!
Numerous other medical questions involving seeing spots, leg pain, cramping....

My favorite question was when a nurse asked me if they were conceived naturally. I stared at her long enough while thinking of the best smart remark until she moved on. What does she think? These are going to be fake babies? Come on nurse - like these are the first IVF babies you have come across.

Casey has also had to answer a couple of questions quite frequently:

Is that a navy haircut?
Do you have a job?

We just crack up after he has to explain that he works mostly from home so all he needs is his laptop and cell phone. Not sure about the haircut questions -probably because we are close to the Navy base.

Next towels. Why in the heck are they so small? They need to dry off huge pregnant people!


PerryBlog said...

Jenny, you must take a picture! Email it to me if you must. Since I have not been able to visit, I need reassurance that you are still kicking. I'm hoping next week I'll be able to stop by. How does the dr. feel about you eating a whopper?

The Johnsons said...

Jenny, I am so sad to here that you are in the hospital, but I think making it to 28 weeks was quite an accomplishment. Try to enjoy some needed rest. I have more baby boy things if you need it. ~Rebecca

The Johnsons said...

I know I am a third grade teacher and I spelled the word here wrong. I met to spell hear in my first blog. Sorry!