Friday, August 29, 2008

Not So Routine Check-up

So I showed up for a routine doctor appointment on Monday morning and I thought everything was ok. I should have known better when they sent me across the hall to triage! Turns out I had some increased contractions and shortening of my cervix and my doctor wanted to do some additional testing that would require me staying in the hospital overnight. It is now Friday and I am still sitting in a hospital bed. Looks like I have started bed rest! Ironically, because it was an early morning appointment Casey decided to drive me and take me to work afterwards (which I never made it to) so he has been with me the whole time. Poor guy has been sleeping on a really uncomfortable sofa/futon thing.

Things are looking good but we are still trying to get all of the contractions under control. If that happens there is a small chance that I could go home to continue bed rest. Cross your fingers!! I'm sure Dr. Brewster would be willing to take care of me!

I'll have to wait until Casey brings the camera back to post any pictures...maybe:) I'll try to keep posting but there isn't much to write about besides daytime tv.

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