Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Growing

The boys had another growth scan this morning and they are still getting bigger.

Baby A - 3lbs 4oz
Baby B - 3lbs 5oz
Baby C - 3lbs 6 oz

Baby C slowed down a little and the other 2 caught up. Although Baby C has the most room up top in my belly he sure is getting kicked a lot. I got to see a nice profile shot of him today during the ultrasound with Baby B's foot right in his face. I think these guys might come out fighting.

So apparently the boys aren't the only ones getting bigger. I had a nurse today that I haven't seen for a couple of weeks and she said (more than once) "Wow you have gotten bigger!" It is hard to notice something attached to your body getting bigger but it was verified today that it is:)

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Jen said...

Holy Cow- Those babies are HUGE! Go Fatty Egger Boys!!!